Are you a front end JavaScript wizard who understands the Good Parts? Do you want to work with developers who know the difference between using immediately invoked function expression and closures for encapsulation? We are looking for passionate developers capable of working across our stack with strong experience in building user interfaces with JavaScript, HTML and CSS.  Rally Software is creating new user experiences that push the limits of current browser-based technology with a revolutionary app platform that is also used by customers to extend our product.
Our Engineering team is a group of polyglots, and if you looked at our codebase, you’d find Java, JavaScript, Clojure, Ruby, Groovy and some SQL. We won’t exclude candidates because of their language of choice. We have engineers that love OO and Functional programming. We pick the best for the task at hand. Yes we have a relational database, but No-SQL solutions like Cassandra, MongoDB, and HBase are used as well.
Do you think releasing code once per week or month or quarter is old school? Yup, so do we. We release code into production multiple times a day. Automated testing is a first-class citizen at Rally. We test at every level, from fast running unit tests for both our JavaScript front-end and our various back-ends, to full-stack tests that drive the browser.

Take a peek at what we do over at the Rally Engineering Blog.

Location: Boulder Or Denver Colorado (We will also consider candidates who are seriously interested in relocating)

Rally offers excellent compensation, benefits, and stock options with an exceptional opportunity to grow.

About Rally Software Development

Here are a few reason’s why Rally is picked one of the best companies to work for:

Hackathon - Every quarter, Rally developers get eight days to work on whatever they want to help the business. This means that over six weeks of your time each year is free for exploring new technologies and architectures. Several Hackathon projects have been integrated into the product and released, so you have a real opportunity to influence product direction.

Influence - You are encouraged and empowered to make things better. The team owns all architectural and framework choices, so if something's not working, you really can change it! Don't just put up with it, fix it, and you will have the support from your team and management to do so.

No ruts - You'll have the opportunity to work across the stack (JavaScript, Java, REST, database, etc.) as well as provide input to which features should be developed.

Collaboration - Our teams work closely together in a Scrum style, enabling us to learn from everyone's experience rather than getting trapped in silos.

No dress code - Please wear something.

Beer - We have multiple kegerators, and brew our own.

Take a peek at what we do over at the Rally Engineering Blog:


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We have great benefits

Flexible Schedules100% Covered Medical PlanStock OptionsPaid Sabbatical and Extra Holiday VacationGym membership reimbursement, community bikes, on-site yoga classes

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Code, Foosball and Beer at Rally Software Development - Java