Job Description

Wikimedia’s mobile web team is looking for a front end developer who wants the challenge of building features in a multi device world crossing mobile, tablets, and desktop. We believe the best features are the ones that are built with a mobile first mindset and scale to whatever environment a user may be in. We need your help to build these features.

You’ll join a mature agile team and enable the whole organization and the biggest free knowledge movement to become mobile proficient.


  • Work on features that globally contribute to the sum of all human knowledge
  • Use web standards to serve millions of mobile users on Wikipedia
  • Delight our users no matter what device they use or where they are

What you'll do

  • Write software in multiple languages (PHP, JavaScript, etc) to serve billions of mobile users on a top ten website
  • Help scale an infrastructure that currently targets 4 billion page views and is steadily rising
  • Work on meaningful products that make a difference to humanity

Skills & Requirements


  • Know the web dev stack in and out (JavaScript, HTML5, CSS)
  • Have multiple years of experience in building user facing features
  • Have a BS, MS, or PhD in Computer Science, Mathematics, or equivalent work experience


  • Loving to experiment against the status quo
  • Having built a responsive design website
  • Having edited Wikipedia

Show us your stuff! Please provide us with information you feel would be useful to us in gaining a better understanding of your technical background and accomplishments. Links to GitHub, your technical blogs, publications, personal projects, etc. are exceptionally useful. We especially appreciate pointers to your best contributions to open source projects.

About Wikimedia Foundation

The Wikimedia Foundation is a San Francisco-based nonprofit entity committed to building a world in which everyone can freely share in the sum of all human knowledge. Projects include Wikipedia, which contains more than 17 million volunteer-authored articles in more than 280 languages.  As a collective, these projects represent the largest collection of shared knowledge in human history, built and edited by millions of people. The web properties are the most highly visited  web properties running on free and open source software in history. Wikipedia alone is visited by more than 480 million people monthly, making it the 5th most popular site in the world. The Wikimedia Foundation sustains and supports the volunteer community by providing the technical, and managerial, infrastructure and tools needed to continue their contributions.

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