Job Description

Love JavaScript? Prefer it, and its functional programming style, over other languages? Do you believe that higher-order functions are a WAY nicer way to write programs than object-orientation?

Come talk to us. is Toronto's leading full-stack JavaScript consultancy and we are looking for talented JavaScript developers to work on the next generation inverted web.

HTML 5 and single page web applications are transforming how web applications are created and deployed and at you will only work with the leading emerging technologies while helping companies move to the HAT stack - HTML 5, Angular.js and thin-servers.

Mobile apps? We do that with HTML 5, AngularJS and PhoneGap.

Customer wants a purely native app? We refer them to great developers we know at other companies.

This position is all JavaScript all the time. A typical project involves creating a robust RESTful API node server using Node.js and MongoDB and then building a kick-ass responsive design front-end using Angular.

We are looking for intermediate and senior developers/consultants as well as "partner-class" developers who can run projects, help with business development, hire, and manage clients.

Team members will also be able to participate in some incredibly cool distruptive open-source projects that is developing.

So if you are interested in building the next generation web, prefer web applications over web sites, and think JavaScript is totally aweseome (and you are totally awesome at JavaScript), please apply via Careers 2.0.

Skills & Requirements

Be passionate about developing software that makes a positive impact on the world.

Write prose as well as you write code (or reasonably close)

Communicate exceptionally well with audiences at all technical skill levels.

Comprehensive understanding of Javacript and JavaScript patterns.

Think AngularJS is the coolest thing since jQuery.

You enjoy browsing websites and REST apis using curl.

You can't make up your mind whether to learn Clojure, Haskell, or Scala first, and plan on (or have) learned all three.

You have had a test-driven developent epiphany that turned you into a TDD zealot.

You never refer to yourself as a noob since that label no longer applies within a few days of starting anything new.

About Inc. is a next-generation web stack consulting company that helps companies migrate to the inverted web- single page applications running against thin-severs and web-friendly databases or services. We focus on jump-starting projects or Angular adoption by helping comapies build their MVP (minimally viable poduct) for a new product or a new feature.


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JavaScript Experts Wanted for AngularJS, Node and PhoneGap Development at Inc. - JavaScript