Job Description

The Role:

01Click is changing the way companies sell to companies.  We are building mobile apps that sales reps use in meetings with their clients.  Our mission is simple: Simplify enterprise sales and make the revenue of our customers go up.  

IBM is a customer.  Recently they announced a productized version of Watson.  As the announcement was made on stage, IBM sales reps in the audience were sitting next to their clients holding our app.  They used it to explain Watson and then capture sales opportunities by tapping the app.

We are funded by customer revenue.  Over 4000 sales reps use our software.  

Mobile apps are coming to the enterprise.  This is your opportunity to be part of a revolution.

01Click has an iOS iPad UI, an Android tablet UI, and a web UI.  We need an iPhone version to expand our user base and our markets.  We are going to use PhoneGap to get there.  That’s where you come in.

A few of the things you'll do:

  • Help architect and code an iPhone app primarily in Javascript using PhoneGap
  • work directly with one other developer and interact with other backend developers in planning and building core functionality
  • Connect the core functionality to distinct platform-specific UI on the desktop, Android and iOS
  • Improve upon the UI requirements from the Product Manager!  At 01Click, we listen to users, customers, and each other.

You should be comfortable working remotely and communicating over chat and voice. Availability during PST work hours are best but we are flexible.  If you are based in the SF Bay Area, there will be opportunities to get together for UI test sessions at 21st Amendment.

Example of the type of problem we need you to solve:

You’re handed an iPad app with workflows that work for that screen size.  It includes tappable quadrants of images and other content.  Can you work with a designer to create and code the right user experience for an iPhone?

What We Offer:

  • 40 hours per week contract work until 12/31/2014
  • Potential for additional work on the same or similar projects afterwards
  • A chance to be part of the mobile enterprise revolution
  • A product manager who knows the market but listens and expects developers to improve his ideas
  • Flexible work hours.  PST is best but hours are flexible.

Skills & Requirements

Our Ideal Candidate Has:

  • Strong Javascript & Coffeescript background
  • Strong HTML and CSS understanding
  • Previously built projects with PhoneGap
  • Experience with Javascript testing frameworks
  • Knows git or other version control

Bonus Points For:

  • Experience developing for iPhone
  • Experience working on enterprise mobile apps or enterprise software
  • Experience with IBM Worklight

About 01Click, LLC

About Us:

01Click is an enterprise software company.  Our users are sales reps.  We increase the revenue they produce with mobile apps that help them have the right conversation with the right prospect.  We integrate to Salesforce and SugarCRM.

“I like working at 01Click because the people are great and the problems to solve are challenging. The codebase is small enough that picking the right tool for the job is easy. The environment is conducive to making the best product and writing the best code you will ever write.”  01Click Server Developer

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01Click has Customer Revenue. Needs PhoneGap Developer! at 01Click, LLC - JavaScript