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I love to be challenged with a problem and be given the opportunity to design and build the solution. Since the age of 10 when I got my first computer, I've been looking for different ways to use computers to create things -- from an ASCII Monopoly board game, to my own playlist of tunes using BASIC's SOUND function, fiddling with the frequencies until I got the right pitch.

Nowadays, I still love coding. But even more than that, I love designing applications, from the site navigation, to the layout of the database, down to the simplest -- but extremely handy -- string extension methods.

I love to think of ways to make an application more fun and friendly -- even addicting -- for the end user. But I also love to think of ways to make an application future proof against changing business needs, or changes in the technologies we plug into.

I hope to never become an expert at what I do, because I find fulfillment with encountering challenges, and being forced to learn something new in order to solve a challenge. At the same time, I recognize that I have strengths and weaknesses, and try to leverage my strengths to maximize my results.

I love working with people that make me better at what I do. I also love working with people that want to learn from me.

I love working in environments that foster quality results, challenging solutions, and collaborative teams.


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Brain Freeze Logic

September 2002 – Current

This is the label under which I do all of my self-driven projects and other side work. My first major project, Animal Crossing Community was founded in 2002. (See more about ACC under Apps and Software below.)

After this site started earning a modest side income, I realized the possibility of someday owning my own business. In the spring of 2011, I formally filed for Brain Freeze Logic, LLC.

I'm currently working on a new project revolving around social content, as time allows. This site is an ASP.NET MVC3 site backed by SQL Server. I'm using EF4 and Unity (IoC container), and am doing what I can to make it testable -- though I admit that I'm new to TDD, and am learning some mistakes that I've made in my design, and am looking to correct those. I'm also looking to leverage Ajax as much as possible to make the experience fluid for the user, and am integrating into Facebook and Twitter APIs, and likely Google+ soon.

Applications Architect

July 2013 – May 2014

After having worked with the HumanaOne team as a Tech Lead for just over a year, I became the Architect for the CXM team where I also split some of my time while with HumanaOne. The CXM team was the team responsible for building the framework for IDE, Humana's public-facing web sites.

As architect, my role was primarily driving the technical direction for the team of about 15 developers. This included keeping the team on track with the program's direction, and helping define and govern best practices and policies.

Specifically, we focused on improving performance, exposing tools to integrate into Sitecore (our CMS), and improving the stability of the framework by implementing automated testing (functional, integration, and unit). Another focus was implementing ALM tools with TFS2012, Hedgehog TDS, and integrating TFS into our existing SDLC management tools.

Applications Consultant

May 2012 – June 2013

I was hired at Humana for my experience with MVC to help lead their initiative to migrate their public-facing web sites from Web Forms to MVC, under one integrated site known as IDE.

I started out with the HumanaOne and Medicare sectors, and soon temporarily joined the CXM team who was responsible for building the framework IDE. On this team, I designed and built the validation framework and model mapping framework for IDE.

After moving back to the Medicare and HumanaOne team, I continued aiding them in their transition to MVC by guiding them in best practices for building testable, scalable, and maintainable applications. I oversaw code quality by performing code reviews and meeting with the team leads to ensure consistency and collaboration across the teams.

I also continued working with the CXM team and other architects to help the ongoing evolution of the framework and code quality and standards. I created and published MVC guidelines, and worked with the team to help drive the initiative to get TDD and unit testing integrated into the various IDE teams.

IT Programmer Analyst
Service Net

March 2005 – April 2012

This was my previous gig. I learned much about building quality applications while at Service Net, from the talented group with whom I had the privilege to work.

One of my proudest accomplishments there includes an SSIS file processing framework that is used across the enterprise to make file processing tasks as easy as creating a config file and a simple ETL, responsible for mapping the incoming data to the outgoing data. All of the file management/archiving, file encrypting/decrypting, statistics tracking, exception handling, and email notifications are handled by the framework.

This framework has minimized end-to-end implementation of file processing tasks down to as little as two hours. Many have suggested this should be packaged and sold as a commercial product.

I also replaced an aging accounts payable and check printing system with an MVC site (jQuery/Ajax) and a set of database tables. What had been a support nightmare for years, sometimes requiring daily support, was converted into a simplified application that now requires practically zero maintenance.

I co-authored one of our public-facing MVC sites that is used by our customers to file and track service claims for contracts they purchased. I was responsible for the claims processing engine that uses a single view, leveraging jQuery to guide the user through a multi-step wizard process.

I created an in-house business rules engine that allows an n-depth hierarchy of business rules to be configured through database updates instead of code changes. This is used today to process many of our service claims.

I left Service Net after seven exciting years for multiple reasons, the biggest being a declining vision and direction for software development.

Application Developer
Corvus Digital Solutions / Fulfillment Concepts

March 2003 – March 2005

I consider Corvus my first true professional position, as it was the first position I truly enjoyed, and I was there over 6 years combined. I survived several layoffs, and even the closing of Corvus, when I was hired by the parent company, Fulfillment Concepts Inc.

At Corvus and FCI, my experience ranged from VB6 desktop apps, to VB.NET server apps, to ASP web apps.

My biggest accomplishment there was a VB.NET server app that I designed and built to take demographic and salary data for employees, and construct a personalized, dynamic 401k booklet -- personalized graphs and charts and all -- and send it to a printer. And this had to be tweaked to a few seconds per booklet.

I also was the go-to developer and maintainer of an internal financial investments ordering and fulfillment web site. This classic ASP site was used to build, place, and track orders of financial literature.

I also developed and maintain several other B2B and e-commerce web sites (and their back end databases), both in classic ASP and ASP.NET.

My role at FCI eventually became stagnant with no sign of improving, so I left the company ready for a change of pace. However, I remained in contact with my colleagues, and did a few side projects for them on the side after departing.

Internet Developer
Confluent ASP

September 2002 – March 2003

My career at Confluent lasted for only six months. I mostly blame myself for not doing more diligence in understanding the company's vision and what my role would be.

My focus was mostly working on a reporting application that involved translating XML to HTML using XSLT. And while I certainly learned a lot about XSLT transformation, I could not get passionate about it.

Having kept in contact with my buddies from Corvus, I found out that the company's future was looking up (however temporarily), and that they were interested in having me rejoin. I took the opportunity, knowing that I would be returning to familiar technologies that I enjoyed, and good friends.

Application Developer
Corvus Digital Solutions

June 1998 – September 2002

See full details about my role Corvus and its parent company, Fulfillment Concepts above.

I left Corvus in September 2002 to pursue an opportunity with Confluent ASP due to some uncertainty with Corvus' future following multiple rounds of layoffs.

Application Specialist

June 1997 – June 1998

This was my entry point into the real world two weeks after graduating from college. While it wasn't my dream job, it did pay the bills, and gave me experience at a real job. It was also good to work in a more corporate environment, as I spent the next 14 years working with much smaller companies.

This position consisted mostly of mainframe technologies, specifically COBOL, JCL, and DB2, all of which are only relevant to anything I do today in that they dealt with programming. I mostly worked on maintaining and running mainframe jobs and reports.

And while I felt I performed well in the role I was given, I left the company after one year, taking on a much more enjoyable position -- even if it meant a 20% cut in pay.

Full Stack Developer

June 2014 – Current

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Campbellsville University

1993 – 1997

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Open Source

GitHub, Jun 2012 - Aug 2012

This site is a work-in-progress side project that I started a couple years ago. The concept is a Q&A site akin to Stack Overflow, but meant to be much more social and allow questions & discussions of every topic. Much of the concepts will come from my experience with ACC's success.

I am the founder and sole developer. I will, at some point, seek help from creative talent with the site design.

Development is basically on hold, pending time I can dedicate to it.

*Note: Switch to the dev-0.1 branch to view the code.

Apps & Software

The #1 community site on the web for fans of the popular Nintendo franchise, Animal Crossing, with unique monthly visitors peaking at over 200k. The site features a proprietary forum, a robust trading post, an area for submitting and voting on in-game patterns, and several pages of game guides. It is a family friendly site, which is maintained by a team of staff members who use custom designed moderating and issue tracking tools to maintain safety on the site.

In 2002, I co-founded ACC along with the site designer, Nigel Yoshida. I started the overall vision of the site, which originally began as a hobby. I designed and developed the backend of the site, including all scripting and database work.

I currently own and operate dedicated servers that are collocated at at a local facility. I am also overseeing a team of volunteers who use GitHub to make updates to the source.

I have recently virtualized the server into separate VMs, including production web & SQL, dev/beta web & SQL, and a continuous integration VM. TeamCity is used for CI, and is triggered by merged pull requests to the GitHub repositories.

The site is long overdue for a redesign and upgrade in technology (would like to move to MVC), but this will be dependent on buy-in and commitment from the volunteer developers.



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