Thierry-Dimitri Roy

Senior Software Developer
La Presse, and Founder
3 Sunshines Design
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I am passionate about computers, programming and the Android platform. I have been using a computer since age 6, and never stopped since. I started programming in high school and I knew that’s what I would do for a living. I got into Java in 1998 and during my 10+ years of professional development, I have touched everything from 3D graphics engine, to highly multi-threaded applications, to system that handle national security sensitive information. During those years, I have received above average evaluation more often that average, including this year.

I am a member of the Android Montréal User Group, where I share my great interest of the Android platform with dozens of other members. I have written and published two Android applications for Twitter on my personal time.

I am currently the main software developer for two very popular Android applications of a major news organization in Quebec.

Outside my work, I continue to exercise my passion. I read blogs and listen to podcast about software programming. I contribute to open source projects and I answer Java question on different community forums. I constantly try to improve my programming skills and apply what I am learning with my current job.


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Senior Software Developer
La Presse

2011 – Current

I am the unique software developer for two popular Android applications. I have build the android development environment. I have introduced continuous development and unit testing, two concepts that were picked up by the other teams.

Senior Software Developer

2009 – 2011

3 Sunshines Design

July 2010 – Current

Security Consultant
Okiok Data

2008 – 2009

Technical Leader
Motorola Canada

2000 – 2008


B. Sc. Computer Science/Telecommunication
Université du Québec à Montreal

1996 – 1999

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