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Jakub Konecki

London, England, United Kingdom

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Currently .NET Developer (contract) at Mitsubishi UFJ Securities International, and Director and Co-Founder at 42Pence Ltd.

I write unit tests I'm not ashamed of. My code is even better...



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.NET Developer (contract), Mitsubishi UFJ Securities International

January 2012 - Current

Significantly extended a set of framework libraries that are used by multiple teams in the bank.

  • redesigned the architecture to fully use Unity dependency injection
  • organized multiple NuGet packages with dependencies for ease of upgrading
  • improved client library for consuming IBM MQ messages
  • created a bootstrap project to kickstart development of ASP.NET MVC applications using framework libraries and common architecture (repositories, services, unit tests)

Implemented an automated delivery process to multiple environments using MsDeploy and DacPac, integrated with TeamCity and Serena Deployment Integration. The process allows code and database changes to be deployed to any environment in a matter on minutes.

Currently working solely on Business Approval system which will be used to manage and track approvals throughout the company.

  • Event sourcing with SQL persistance, CQRS,
  • Exchange integration for sending / receiving emails,
  • Sharepoint integration for document storage,
  • SignalR for realtime web-based UI - MVC5, Bootstrap, Knockout

Solely designed and implemented organisation management system for capturing the structure of the multi-entity company with international and local business units and departments and managing books.

  • Event sourcing with SQL persistance, CQRS,
  • Web-based UI - MVC5, Bootstrap, Knockout

Solely designed and implemented cash management system for Operations team that is used for day to day cash management and cash positions prediction for next 10 business days.

  • MVC 5 web app, SQL server database,
  • daily imports from other systems using SSIS packages,
  • realtime feeds from settlement systems using IBM MQ

Solely designed and implemented trade activity reporting system used by all the traders to report late, cancelled or amended trades

  • MVC 5 web app, SQL server database,
  • implemented table inheritance in Entity Framework,
  • daily imports from trading systems using SSIS packages

Solely designed and implemented general ledger / SWIFT reconciliation batch system for Operations/Finance teams that is used for day to day cash reconciliation across all accounts and books. Performance improvements over an existing system saved ~3h of processing and allowed downstream systems to start earlier.

  • SQL server database,
  • imports from other systems using files and IBM MQ realtime feeds

Senior ASP.NET Developer (contract), BNP Paribas

April 2010 - December 2011

GlobalMarkets is a portal to pre-trade, trade and post-trade market applications - gives clients access to research, strategy, market data, analytical tools and client solutions. The platform is available over web and as a mobile app (iPhone / iPad) and is used by both internal users and external clients.

  • Designed, developed from scratch and maintained FX and Rates web sites (part of GlobalMarkets portal) in MVC3, jQuery, AJAX, CSS3.
    • Areas,
    • Display Templates,
    • custom View Engine (serving different views based on user-agent),
    • custom Filter Attributes (caching, compression, authorisation),
    • custom Filter Providers (injecting filter attributes based on area),
    • custom Model Binders,
    • custom Value Providers,
    • custom Action Results (charting, autocomplete)
    • Designed, developed and maintained ~20 widgets used by GlobalMarkets portal (using Google’s OpenSocial protocol) in MVC3, jQuery, AJAX,
  • Implemented Sales Marketing Campaing management tool for sending mass email campaigns, tracking clicks and reporting in MVC3, jQuery, AJAX,
  • Maintained classic ASP and ASP.NET parts of FX and Rates web sites,
  • Designed and developed a realtime windows service for obtaining spot FX prices using FIX protocol,
  • Developed a charting library shared between multiple web sites, using AmCharts and Highcharts libraries,
  • Developed a complex header/menu/footer library (dynamic generation, custom site maps, ads) shared between multiple web sites - optimised for rendering performance and cross-browser compatibility (IE6-IE9, FF, Chrome, Safari),
  • Implemented various optimisations for performance improvements (static resource caching, javascript & CSS minification and consolidation, image sprites, dynamic content compression),
  • Implemented continuous integration platform using TeamCity, MSBuild, WiX,
  • Improved development and release processes,
  • Encouraged automated UI testing using WatiN

Director and Co-Founder, 42Pence Ltd

June 2011 - Current

42 Pence is a small startup that is currently working on a cloud-based, multi-tenant MVC5 application for managing hospitality businesses.

  • Fast and lightweight MVC5 (Razor) multi-tenant web application,
  • Hosted on Windows Azure (Azure Websites, VMs, Storage, Traffic Manager),
  • Event sourcing, CQRS,
  • RavenDB,
  • Continuous integration using TeamCity and MSBuild,
  • Automatic deployment to all environments,
  • Unit testing using SpecFlow, Moq,
  • DI using Autofac,
  • YouTrack

Director, ServiceWare Ltd

February 2010 - Current

Technical Team Leader, FSI (FM Solutions) Ltd.

October 2005 - March 2010

Technical Team Leader (Mar 08 - Mar 10)

  • Designed (inc. architecture), developed and maintained Concept Evolution (C#, .NET 3.5, AJAX) web application,
  • Lead the team of up to 15 developers (permanent and contract),
  • Performed various refactorings and optimisations (db queries, algorithms, performance, memory leaks, web requests, AJAX) which resulted in multi-fold increases in performance,
  • Designed processes for software development, versioning and release,
  • Created continuous integration build services based on Microsoft vNext / Service Pack / Hot Fix branching scenario, including automatic deployment to test server and MSI generation,
  • Advised Project Manager and Technical Director on technical issues,
  • Performed job interviews for candidates for junior / senior developer and tester positions (permanent and contract),

Senior Developer (Oct 06 - Mar 08)

  • Designed, developed and maintained Digital Dashboard web application (C#, .NET 2.0),
  • Designed, developed and maintained custom Report Designer WinForms application and web module (C#, .NET 2.0), based on C1Component controls,
  • Maintained and extended custom Workflow module (VB.NET, C#, .NET 1.1),
  • Developed and maintained WinForms Facilities Cost Monitor application that provides a dynamically constructed UI to Excel spreadsheets containing business calculations. Used Office Interop and COM,
  • Maintained Concept Radio Integration module (serial- and IP-based),
  • Maintained build services for legacy applications

Application Developer (Oct 05 - Sep 07)

  • Development and maintenance of C# and VB.NET applications

Bank Inspector, BRE Bank S.A.

October 2003 - August 2005

BRE Bank is one of the top Polish providers of comprehensive corporate banking services and a part of Commerzbank Group. BRE Bank owns two retail banks, MultiBank and mBank. I was working on the Altamira-based transactional systems for both retail banks.

Sub-team leader (May 2004 – Aug 2005)

  • Designed and implemented new C++ / C# software solutions in collaboration with the business analysts,
  • Coordinated work of a small team of software developers - up to three members,
  • Reviewed changes, updated documentation and performed integration / prototype tests when necessary,
  • Performed forensic investigation in security-related incidents

Team release manager (May 2004 – Aug 2005)

  • Coordinated work of the whole team engaged in creating a new software release,
  • Maintained high quality of timely-released software,
  • Planned team's milestones in order to meet project deadlines,
  • Took part in system testing and user acceptance testing phases in order to achieve high quality of released software,
  • Prepared rollout procedures for production system administrators,
  • Supported migration testing phases and production environment rollouts,
  • Maintained and administered development servers

C++ developer (Oct 2003 – May 2004)

  • Developed classic ASP website and C++ multi-threaded application server,
  • Resolved inquires about system errors or client complaints

C++ software developer, PPWK

September 2001 - May 2002

  • Part-time (3/4) job (during studies),
  • Worked on Navigo mapping software for PCs and hand-held devices,
  • Developed desktop application - C++ MFC,
  • Implemented GPS module, including a multi-threaded library for communication with GPS receivers using NMEA 0183 protocol
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MSc Eng Artificial Intelligence and Software Engineering, Politechnika Łódzka, Poland

1998 - 2003

  • Master of Science, Engineer (Highest mark + distinction),
  • Graduated from the Department of Technical Physics, Computer Science and Applied Mathematics,
  • Specialization: Artificial Intelligence and Software Engineering,
  • Master Thesis: Extending a nephrology computer system with a decision-making module,
  • Thesis included a .NET application that used case-based reasoning expert module to find the best kidney recipient,
  • Attended Individual Course of Studies,
  • Took part in Erasmus student exchange program with University of Pisa, Italy.

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GitHub, Dec 2014 - Current; followed by 408 people; forked 53 times

Repo for Orleans - Distributed Actor Model

OSS contributor


GitHub, Aug 2014 - Dec 2014; followed by 3 people

Event sourcing support for MSR Orleans

Creator of eventsourcing extension to Orleans framework. Co-owner of OrleansContrib project.


GitHub, Jan 2014 - Nov 2014; followed by 2 people

Glimpse plugin for Event Store

Creator of Glimpse plugin for Event Store. Get it at


GitHub, Mar 2013 - Jun 2013

A linq enabled document database for .NET

Added failing tests for an issue with ordering the query by TimeSpan properties. (Issue RavenDB-1010 -


GitHub, Aug 2012

Dapper - A high performance Micro-ORM supporting Sql Server, MySQL, Sqlite, SqlCE, Firebird etc..

Submitted a couple of bug fixes.


WebActivator is a NuGet package that allows other packages to easily bring in Startup and Shutdown code into a web application.

Added support for invoking start methods outside of ASP.NET for unit testing purposes.


GitHub, Nov 2012

Pure In-Memory Publish/Subscribe .NET Bus

Added Message Type Resolver, which can be used to dynamically provide the type of the message required for subscriber resolving process. Released as version 2.0.1.


GitHub, Oct 2013

Yet another event storage for event sourcing.

Updated RavenDB.Client package (


GitHub, Jul 2013 - Oct 2013

EventStore tools for Visual Studio

Upgraded to .Net Framework 4.5 and VS 2013.

DocumentDB Persistence Engine for NEventStore

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Commodore 64

Visual Studio, Notepad++, Paint.Net