Jack Bolding

Software Developer at Cetaris Inc., and Lead Developer (Web Fleet Assistant Team) at Cetaris Inc.
  • New Hamburg, Ontario Canada
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I enjoy reading, debugging and optimizing code -- even someone else's code. Nothing makes me happier than to take a chunk of code that is taking 40 minutes to run and turning it into a streamlined 20 seconds.


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Software Developer
Cetaris Inc.

September 1997 – Current

Cetaris is a full-service software company founded in 1991 to bring product life cycle solutions to the transportation industry. Today, Cetaris products are installed at more than 1,000 global locations supporting the work of thousands of end users. At Cetaris, I have been a member of the Fleet Assistant, PartsPro, Fleet Assistant for Pocket PC and Web Fleet Assistant Teams

Lead Developer (Web Fleet Assistant Team)
Cetaris Inc.

2004 – Current

Designed and implemented the base client framework including model for adding new UI modules, the interactions of UIs and Client-Side Business Objects, and the Navigation system.

Designed and implemented an algorithm for staging and synchronization of data.

Tracked down memory and resource usage issues with tools such as .Net Memory Profiler, DevPartner Studio and the Red Gate ANTS profiler.

Lead Developer (Fleet Assistant For Pocket PC Team)
Cetaris Inc.

2002 – 2006

Designed and implemented multi-tier, multi-threaded product which interfaced with the pre-existing Fleet Assistant product.

eMbedded Visual C++ and MFC client interacting with server running ISAPI filters, ASP, COM/DCOM and Sql Server.

Senior Software Developer (PartsPro Team)
Cetaris Inc.

1999 – 2001

Developed software with C++ Visual Studio 6.0 and Visual Basic with a Microsoft SQL Server 2000 backend.

Created custom controls in C++ for the specific display of data.

Implemented data import and staging components.

Designed and implemented an image hot spotting algorithm.

Senior Software Developer (Fleet Assistant Team)
Cetaris Inc.

1997 – 2003

Project was developed with C++ Visual Studio 6.0 and Visual Basic.

Created and maintained the base custom controls for the project.

Optimized memory usage and speed of execution for projects using NuMega DevPartner Studio (BoundsChecker, TrueTime, TrueCoverage).

C++ Programmer/Analyst
ObjectArts Inc.,

May 1995 – August 1997

Created 16 and 32 bit ActiveX Controls in Microsoft Visual C++ for use in Microsoft Visual Basic

Created software specifications

Tested software in Visual Basic

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BSc Math and Computer Science
University of Western Ontario

1991 – 1995

Graduated with Distinction

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