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I am a software developer with strong passion for programming and best software development practices. I value clean code, practice TDD and continuous refactoring to remove complexity, reduce bugs and achieve for better design.

A .NET Framework expert with strong background in .NET and Windows internals, as well as strong skills and knowledge in higher-level C# design patterns and methodologies. I have a very big thirst for knowledge and continuous improvement.

I am passionate about productivity, agile software development practices and methodologies, devops and automation. I contribute to open-source projects, and I frequently speak about various topics at local and international conferences.


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Software Developer
Particular Software

July 2015 – Current

Technical Lead

February 2015 – June 2015

DuoCode - world-class C#-to-JavaScript compiler, powered by Microsoft Roslyn!

Lead Developer
OzCode (formerly BugAid)

March 2013 – February 2015

Leading developer of OzCode - a Visual Studio extension for debugging productivity (a startup company within CodeValue). Responsible for the entire stack, from core product development to prioritizing features and issues, research, as well as marketing and content creation, branding and artwork direction.

● Researching and implementing features in the product core, based on internal brainstorming and customer feedback

● Implementing a continuous deployment process for 2 main release channels - stable and preview, allowing customers get early access builds more frequently

● Active engagement with various people within Microsoft for a better understanding of Visual Studio's internal implementation, including filing bugs found in Visual Studio and the CLR

Senior Consultant

July 2012 – February 2015

Consultant to various software companies. Topics ranging from implementation of new technologies to building and maintaining continuous delivery pipelines for software deployment. In addition, conducted training in numerous organizations on topics such as Clean Code, Test-Driven Development, SOLID, refactoring and associated engineering practices. Gave lectures (both internally at CodeValue, and for customers) on ReSharper and other productivity tools, Git source control, Continuous Integration servers and more. Highlights:

● Helped define, design and implement a continuous delivery pipeline for a customer. Their deployment process went from taking between 2-6 hours to about 30 seconds!

● Introduced concepts of unit testing/TDD at several companies, including training, one-on-one sessions and test review

● Participated in CodeValue events, gave lectures on various topics. Gave a 1.5 hour in-depth talk about Roslyn at a John Bryce event called DevGeekWeek

Senior Software Developer
Typemock Ltd

March 2010 – December 2011

Leading developer of the unit testing suite of products for software developers. Mainly responsible for the isolation (mocking) framework, based on the unmanaged CLR Profiling API to perform runtime inspection and IL weaving to allow runtime code modifications.

Responsibilities include:

● Pair programming and code reviews, refactoring and continuous improvement of existing code base

● Implementing features in the product core, technologies ranging from unmanaged Profiler API (C++) to .NET Reflection to inspect and modify the code, executed by the CLR

● Development of Visual Studio (2005, 2008, 2010) Add-ins and Extensions (VsPackage, VSIX), using technologies such as DTE, MEF, CodeDOM

● Written code parsers (both high level .NET languages and IL) and code generators (using SharpDevelop CodeDOM)

● Framework and API design for managed code SDK (C# and VB.NET)

● Identifying the need for new/improved features via feedback received from existing and new customers, as well as general support and remote troubleshooting sessions

Software Developer
Eternix Ltd

October 2008 – March 2010

● Lead developer of a WebDAV based file server, implementing and maintaining features such as file encryption, versioning, quota and user management

● Actively evolving a suite of products for image and geo-spatial manipulation (WinForms, WPF and Silverlight)

● Introduced unit testing to a mature code base using NUnit and Rhino Mocks

● Responsible for maintaining continuous integration server, builds and unit testing (Team-City)

Software Developer
InfoGin Ltd

October 2007 – October 2008

● Developed web applications for mobile devices, upon specifications provided by customers

● Designed and developed internal tools for maintenance and deployment of web applications across multiple remote servers

● Developed an internal framework for automating testing of web applications using XML scripts

Software Developer
PrizmaSoft Ltd

June 2005 – September 2007

● Developed client applications for a business process management system

● Designed and developed client applications for monitoring business processes, reporting and server management tools

● Created and maintained installation, deployment and nightly build scripts

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GitHub, Apr 2012 - Nov 2015; followed by 156 people; forked 19 times

Agent Mulder plugin for ReSharper provides navigation to and finding usages of types registered or resolved via IoC containers.

GitHub, Mar 2012 - Current; followed by 30 people; forked 11 times

A plugin ("accessory") for Snagit that allows sending the currently captured image to imgur.com

Apps & Software

Plain Text Offenders is a public listing of sites and companies that store and email passwords in plain text.

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My talk at the ALT.NET Israel Tools meeting–ReSharper’s Hidden Gems | In Absentia

I was delighted to talk about ReSharper at the recent meeting of the ALT.NET Israel group. I chose ReSharper for the reason that I use it every day...

Thinking, Speaking and Dreaming About Technology: An Interview with Igal Tabachnik

JetBrains Company Blog

In this interview, JetBrains Development Academy expert Anton Arhipov has a chat with Igal Tabachnik. Igal recently joined the Academy, but has been a strong contributor to the JetBrains community for ages.

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IBM PC XT 8088

Visual Studio with ReSharper


I discovered the passion for computers at the age of 9, when my mother took me to her place of work, sat me down in front of a computer (it was a "brand new" 286 Acer), launched Norton Commander, and showed me how to launch 'Prince of Persia'. I was hooked on computers ever since! Growing up, I didn't have an access to a computer at home, so I read any books on computing that I could find. My first book was The Peter Norton Programmer's Guide to the IBM PC (the "pink shirt" book). Sometime later, I was given a very old IBM PC XT computer with a green CGA monitor. I taught myself programming using QBasic, Pascal and the assembly language.

During high school I learned Delphi and continued building small applications and games (mainly for myself), later switching to C# and the .NET platform, where I am most comfortable today.

I can fluently speak Russian, Hebrew and English, with excellent written and verbal communication skills.