Ho Yin (Michael) Cheng

Software Developer / Senior QA Analyst
Solbright, Inc.
  • Old Westbury, New York United States
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I absolutely love to do research and compare the pros and cons of different technologies. Now that I've got your attention, let me explain.

I enjoy spending my free time simply reading up on and trying out new technologies even though I'll never use them simply because I'm curious to know what is out there. So my ideal job would be an extension of this - ie: one where I'm given the task of researching, compiling information, and determining the most appropriate technology to use to solve a given problem. I'm well aware that there is no one size fits all solution to anything, and this is what makes researching and coming up with solutions interesting.

Aside from this, I also enjoy doing QA work. Primarily coming up with ways to streamline testing or automate redundant tests/tasks. This isn't the primary career path I'd like to take (only because I've found that very few companies offer any future in this) but the desire to work on automation will always be in the corner of my mind. Particularly in trying to design or utilize existing frameworks/tools to enable easy and useful automation.


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Software Developer / Senior QA Analyst
Solbright, Inc.

September 2008 – October 2010

Software Developer / Senior QA Analyst (October 2009 - October 2010)

  • Completely refactored adInventory's stored procedures that handled impression distribution for reserving and booking inventory. This made the code much more maintainable, uncovered several bugs in the system, and made it much easier to extend.
  • Wrote entirety of the backend code that handled adInventory's improved Edit Forecast feature.
  • Worked with DBA to rewrite legacy queries in order to improve performance.
  • Continued to determine root causes for bugs and provide fixes.
    • Additionally was tasked with determining root cause and creating fixes for critical, time sensitive production issues.
    • Was Tech Service's primary development contact for all adInventory production issues.
  • Continued to help India Team by providing Use Case documentation on new features of the system.
  • Performed research and wrote POC code for testing new database design for adInventory.
  • Was responsible for interviewing and evaluating potential hires for QA and Senior QA Analyst & Engineer positions.
  • Provided guidance on what automation tools to use and what type of coverage they would provide.

QA Analyst & Engineer (September 2008 - September 2009)

  • Formal responsibilities included:
    • Creating test plans and test cases for new features and bug fixes.
    • Executing manual tests, recording test results, and filing bug reports.
  • Worked on both the adSuite (initially) and adInventory (after company re-organization) products.
    • Became second most knowledgeable person on adInventory system behavior.
  • Self-managed testing efforts for major features of adInventory.
    • This included the DSP, Dashboard, and Alerting features.
    • Later on as a developer, I still helped to manage the testing efforts for the Edit Forecast feature.
  • Independently performed a Test Gap Analysis when switched to the adInventory product. By identifying areas that lacked proper tests, the QA Team was able to find several new bugs which development then fixed.
    • This resulted in client reported issues dropping by over 90% after upgrading to these newly QA builds.
  • Maintained all QA environments including:
    • Setting up new environments for testing.
    • Creating QA-safe copies of Production environments for Development team.
    • Refreshing/upgrading QA environments for India Team after each release.
    • Setting up training environments for new hires on adInventory Team.
    • Setting up demo environments for adInventory.
  • Was one of the two members responsible for re-writing and maintaining installation and deployment documents.
    • Personally tested the instructions for upgrading existing clients from legacy builds to new adInventory builds.
    • This resulted in much faster deployment of new clients and upgrades of existing clients.
  • Acted as first line of defense for Technical Services whenever issues arose during new installations or upgrades.
  • Quickly learned PL/SQL in order to help troubleshoot development issues. I was also regularly tasked with troubleshooting major client issues.
    • At times even produced scripts to repair system errors.
  • Made decisions on when to escalate complex production issues, how to categorize them, severity, urgency, and correct course of action to take to handle the issue.
  • Took part in weekly India Team morning meetings where I would review all bugs found by them and fill in any missing information.
  • Learned Selenium as part of evaluation of automation tools in an ongoing effort to reduce unneeded manual testing in QA.

Solution Architect
Steve & Barry's, LLC

November 2007 – July 2008

  • Worked with one other person to write test plans for SAP POS (Triversity), FI/CO, MM, WM, and HCM modules.
  • Helped write and execute test cases for said test plans.
  • Developed automated tests in QTP including designing and developing the entirety of our automation framework for testing SAP transactions.
  • Developed QA guidelines and Quality Checked SAP training documentation created via uPerform.
  • Helped maintain testing knowledgebase on formal QM Team intranet site (used Microsoft SharePoint).
  • Created formal test plans and test analysis reports for Legacy Systems.
  • Acted as technical lead role in the newly formed QA/QM Team where I created, maintained, and helped train India Office members in testing best practices and using Mercury's automation tools.

Programming Intern
Open Link Financial, Inc.

6/2005 - 9/2005, 6/2006 - 9/2006

  • Refactored and updated java load testing application.
  • Used said testing application to run tests on new APIs in addition to testing legacy APIs. These APIs were primarily centered around pushing XML to a server which processed the request and returned a response (also in XML).
  • Helped develop Java API that linked C code into Java using JNI.
  • Wrote documentation detailing proper use of testing applications and Java API.


B.S. Computer Science
Columbia University

2003 – 2007

Minor: East Asian Language and Culture

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Dell Dimension 4550

Notepad++ or SciTe or Kate


On my spare time I like to spec out desktop and server builds for potential projects I'd like to attempt in the future. Mainly things that would make my life more enjoyable (though researching and actually building the machines tend to end up being more fun that using them). So far I've built:

  • My primary desktop
  • A quiet computing desktop
  • A WHS machine (built by reusing most of the parts from my very first self-built desktop)
  • My brother's gaming desktop
  • A SFF desktop for a friend

I also like configuring these systems and writing scripts that help me setup and install all my preferred applications (personally I like to use Linux Mint).

When I'm not doing the above, I occasionally attempt to build websites for either myself or friends. I'm currently in the process of learning how to design good looking front-end UIs, which I'm learning is very different compared to the back-end code I always work on.