Graham Borland

Freelance Android Engineer
Gramboid Mobile Systems Ltd
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I'm an experienced mobile/embedded software engineer, expert in optimization. My software has shipped hundreds of millions of units worldwide.

I have experience in developing for dozens of different target platforms, both desktop and mobile, in many different host environments.

I am passionate about creating software which is beautiful, fast, and compact.


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Freelance Android Engineer
Gramboid Mobile Systems Ltd

August 2010 – Current

Initially on a part-time basis, and full-time since 2014, I created and continue to support the Android app for

  • Complete application lifecycle, from first line of code to releasing on multiple marketplaces and managing post-release support and maintenance.
  • Developed rich touchscreen user interface in Java/XML.
  • Designed and implemented SQLite database backend for complex financial data.
  • Implemented network synchronization protocols including a custom HTTP server running on the Android device, communicating via wi-fi.
  • Parsing data streamed as XML and JSON
  • Integrated with cloud services such as Dropbox using published APIs
  • Liaised with clients in the USA to establish requirements and provide regular progress updates.

Mobile Application Developer
JPMorgan Chase

June 2013 – December 2013

Senior engineer responsible for mobile application security in a very high-pressure environment. Developed mission-critical apps in support of high-stakes investment banking operations.

Senior Engineer
Metaforic Ltd

April 2011 – May 2013

I joined Metaforic as a Senior Engineer and became immediately productive with a complex legacy codebase. This role has required me to be extremely versatile (jumping between target platforms and development environments on a daily basis) and fearless (diving straight in to scary areas of code).

  • Developed cutting-edge security and anti-tamper technology for a wide range of platforms: Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, Mac OS X.
  • Worked with many different compilers, toolchains and development environments: Visual Studio, XCode, Eclipse, gcc, clang.
  • Lots of low-level hacking: reverse engineering, disassembling, and direct modification of compiled binaries
  • Integrated custom tools with Android and iOS SDKs
  • Developed diagnostic tools and test frameworks in C++ and Python

Senior Software Engineer
Picsel UK Ltd

June 1998 – April 2011

I grew with the company from its earliest days as a three-person startup to a global industry-leading company with hundreds of employees and offices worldwide. Picsel gave me incredible experience in every aspect of mobile/embedded software engineering.

  • Designed and implemented fast 2D rendering engine which lies at the heart of all of Picsel's products, supporting advanced display features such as alpha blending, antialiasing, irregular shape clipping, path scan conversion.

  • Ported software to a variety of mobile platforms: Android, Symbian Series 60, PalmOS, Windows Mobile, Linux and BREW, as well as custom embedded RTOSes. Comfortable working with many different development environments on Windows and Unix-based platforms.

  • Hand-optimized performance-critical code in C and ARM assembly language, including debugging generated code from buggy compilers.

  • Thorough understanding of 2D and 3D graphics theory and practice, including vector graphics and image processing.

  • Developed 2D and 3D graphics code to achieve dazzling visual effects for user interfaces.

  • Comfortable with all levels of software development, from high-level customer-facing APIs and SDKs to low-level hacking and fine-tuning.

  • Senior engineer with responsibility for mentoring and monitoring junior engineers, ensuring targets are met and enforcing good development practice.

  • Considerable experience of working on-site with high-profile clients in Japan and South Korea, acting as sole point of contact for Picsel.

  • Became expert in C and ARM assembly language (over 12 years' professional experience), and gained good working knowledge of other languages including Java, C++ and Python.

  • Experienced in object-oriented design techniques, including implementing abstract object-oriented designs in low-level languages.

  • Thorough understanding of multithreading and concurrency issues.

  • Worked on platform abstraction layers and implemented standard C library features missing from many platforms' native development environments.

  • Experience with revision control systems including Git and CVS.

  • Comfortable working in all sizes of teams, from single-handed development to large collaborations.

Software Engineer
Alternative Publishing Ltd

June 1996 – June 1998

  • Optimized and debugged efficient image decompression software.
  • Liaised with customers and end-users to provide technical support for existing software products.
  • Represented company at trade shows, exhibitions and developer conferences.


B.Eng. (Hons) Electronics & Software Engineering
University of Glasgow

1992 – 1996

  • Graduated with a thorough understanding of all aspects of computer hardware and software design.
  • Senior Honours project involved design and simulation of 2D graphic rendering engine targeted at reconfigurable hardware devices (FPGAs).
  • Topics studied include: Image Processing and Pattern Recognition; Operating Systems; Software Engineering; Computer Architecture

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Acorn Electron

Zap on RISC OS. Sublime Text 3 has recently replaced Vim as a modern favourite.


Passionate aviator, currently training for JAA Private Pilot's Licence.