Gordon Childs

VP of Engineering
AirShr Pty Ltd, and Founder/Software Engineer/Publicist/Everything
Async Pty Ltd
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A misspent youth programming games and synthesisers, my passions are digital audio, realtime graphics and their underlying mathematics. This naturally brought me to mobile and in particular iOS in 2009. The iPhone gold rush was great fun, and some amazing apps were made, but my work settled in to traditional enterprise iOS client work.

These days I work full stack, so I'm comfortable writing both iOS code while also creating scalable backend APIs to support the mobile apps, usually with Amazon Web Services.


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VP of Engineering
AirShr Pty Ltd

May 2015 – Current

AirShr is a funded startup that is trying to modernise radio by giving users the ability to recognise, bookmark and share content and by giving broadcasters the analytics data they never had. To capture the car-driver radio-listening segment, a bluetooth button was developed to allow the app to be used while driving with minimal [mostly illegal] distraction.

As VP of Engineering I guide the culture and tooling of the company, although we are still small so it's really just me mandating how I do what I do, which is code.

I coded the audio recognition and retrieval backend using go and the whole thing runs on AWS. I wrote the mission critical parts [BluetoothLE, audio processing] of the iOS app, and much of the GUI too. This was done in Objective-C.

Senior iOS Developer
Woolworths Limited

October 2014 – April 2015

A familiar story: mobile was not going away and the agency offering was beginning to smell. I was hired as senior developer to bring a much better version of the flagship product to market, with all the control offered by a native, in-house solution. All stops were pulled out to make the release support the Apple Watch on day one.

My responsibilities involved developing the native iOS app, working with backend engineers to design and integrate the CMS APIs and transitioning customers from the sunsetting product to the new one.

Senior iOS Developer
News Ltd

February 2013 – October 2014

I was the first hire as part of an effort to bring native app development of 7 or so flagship products in-house. This involved native app development, moving to a new CMS and smoothly transitioning customers away from the agency built products.

My first responsibility was a new product for a previously digital only "newspaper". We used a hybrid native/html5 solution with all the success that entails.

Thankfully we changed tactic and the following newspapers were all implemented natively.

Founder/Software Engineer/Publicist/Everything
Async Pty Ltd

November 2005 – Current

Developing iOS apps, both for third parties under contract and for The Company.

Consulting on iOS video/graphics/audio projects and algorithmic problems.

Between 2009 and 2012 the company had no clients (apart from itself) as the iPhone / iPad music apps listed on this page were successful enough to support 3 full-time employees! Sadly, the App Store pricing race to the bottom/lack of sustainability ended this dream, and the company went back to 3rd party contracts.

As always, I was doing the coding, but this job also required requirements gathering, writing copy, publicising our products, maintaining the website, managing inter-personal conflicts, responding to support mail and hunting for clients. After years of this, doing "simple" tech work came as a welcome relief.

Software Engineer/Contractor
Mel MediaTech

September 2007 – July 2010

A franchisée of my previous client keen to make inroads into the Japanese print and broadcast market, I was contracted to customise under license the products I had previously worked on to satisfy the new and exacting requirements of the Japanese market.

I gathered requirements from the Japanese partners, localized, implemented new checks and tools to support workflows that were surprisingly different to their western counterparts.

Highlights included:

  • a first of its kind high resolution, morphology based inkweight/coverage checker, later emulated by Adobe
  • a high quality kanji font to vector lineart converter to avoid ideogram copyright issues

On the broadcast side, there was money to be saved by moving away from hardware MPEG encoders/transcoders, so I investigated alternative software SDKs and codecs, including MainConcept, Quicktime, ffmpeg, and the Dirac and Theora codecs.

Software Engineer/Contractor

December 2002 – May 2006

QuickCut provided pre-press services (ensuring the print-worthiness of advertisements to be printed in industrial quantities).

There I wrote middleware scripts and tools, a major update for a colour conversion app and worked on the team responsible for their flagship PDF checking/fixing product, QuickPrint 5.

The highlight of this job was writing a fully featured PDF renderer, including tensor patches and overprint preview. Overprint (4-colour subtractive transparency) is difficult to visualise and the ability to preview it eliminated a whole class of expensive printing problems.

After QuickCut was acquired by Adstream, its video counterpart, I wrote a Windows driver for the SkyMicro Merlin MPEG-2 capture card as part of Adstream's transcoding workflow.

Software Engineer
Computational Algebra Group at the University of Sydney

December 2000 – February 2001

While still a student, I worked on the Magma Computational Algebra System's Number Field Sieve implementation.

At the time, the Number Field Sieve was the fastest way to factorise large numbers (read break the RSA public key crypto system). It was my responsibility to turn scholarly papers on theoretical improvements to the algorithm's performance into concrete implementations.

The feeling of taking something completely academic and turning it into a working program you can share, experiment with, and whose real-life performance characteristics you could get a feeling for was absolutely fascinating.

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B.S Pure Mathematics (Honours) + Major in Computer Science
University of Sydney

1998 – 2001

1999 Brian Rawson Memorial Award - this was awarded to me for achieving the greatest improvement in academic results between first year and second year. After an undistinguished High School career, I realised in my first year of University that I wanted to study Mathematics - yet I had no mathematical or scientific training. So began an intense year of not only studying my current subjects, but also bootstrapping the years of missing mathematics and physics. I consumed kilos of books, working through thousands of examples from calculus and eventually caught up. The fact that the University recognised and rewarded my achievement was an unexpected pleasure.

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Open Source


Felix is high performance, massively parallel language (think go lang, with a c++ compatible runtime and more control over scheduling).

Algebraic types and functional programming features aside, the one feature that drew me to felix more than any other was its ability to translate imperative, procedural code into callback driven code without spawning machine threads. That means callbacks, the bane of clear, simple code, are no longer necessary in felix and that you can easily have millions of asynchronous felix-threads, without slowing your machine down to a crawl.

So what I did was to take all the asynchronous/callback networking APIs I could find, wrapped them and mapped them into the felix runtime. This not only brought high-perfomance and massivey scalable networking (via kqueues, epoll, event ports on solaris, IOCompletion Ports on windows) and file IO, it also made it as simple as its slower, machine-thread-centric synchronous counterparts.

In this work I also added signal and timer support, synchronisation primitives and extended the felix runtime to allow the addition future asynchronous APIs to the felix via its standard library.

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Like Shazam except for all radio content.

I wrote the mission critical audio and BluetoothLE components of this app and much of the UI. I also designed and wrote the backend audio system that makes the magic happen.

An in-house rewrite of the aging Woolworths shopping app.

I worked on Visual Shopping, barcode scanner, API integration and API stubbing in apigee, data migration from the old app, onboarding and more!

Australia-wide News Ltd Newspaper for iPad.

I integrated the app with the news login/subscription system, did auto renewing IAP subscriptions and architected the V1 to V2 migration of iTunes subscribers. Integrated Apple Push notifications and background downloading. Championed code signing QA workflow improvements.

Read reviews, get customer ratings, see screenshots and learn more about The Daily and The Sunday Telegraph on the App Store. Download The Daily and The Sunday Telegraph and enjoy…

Worked on interface, wrote mobile advertising and authentication SDKs, subscriptions, analytics via omniture, configuration management, push notifications for background downloads and a system to flip anonymous subscription customers to our own entitlements system.

Read reviews, get customer ratings, see screenshots and learn more about Herald Sun on the App Store. Download Herald Sun and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Worked on interface, wrote mobile advertising and authentication SDKs, subscriptions, analytics via omniture, configuration management, push notifications for background downloads and a system to flip anonymous subscription customers to our own entitlements system.

Read reviews, get customer ratings, see screenshots and learn more about The Courier-Mail/The Sunday Mail on the App Store. Download The Courier-Mail/The Sunday Mail and enjoy it…

Worked on interface, wrote mobile advertising and authentication SDKs, subscriptions, analytics via omniture, configuration management, push notifications for background downloads and a system to flip anonymous subscription customers to our own entitlements system.

Read reviews, get customer ratings, see screenshots and learn more about The Advertiser & Sunday Mail on the App Store. Download The Advertiser & Sunday Mail and enjoy it on your…

Worked on interface, wrote mobile advertising and authentication SDKs, subscriptions, analytics via omniture, configuration management, push notifications for background downloads and a system to flip anonymous subscription customers to our own entitlements system.

News Corp masthead News.com.au news reader for iPad.


DJ Turntable app for the iPhone, reached #2 in Free Apps on the US AppStore and was #1 in 64 appstores worldwide. 4 million downloads to date. Contains an iTunes-like IAP store for buying and previewing extra loops and samples. Served by a tornado (python) server running on a linode VM.

Design & implementation.

The first Twin DJ Turntable app for iPad, available on the iPad AppStore from day 1, took the world by storm. Reached #5 in Music on the US AppStore.

Trivia: Baby Decks DJ featured in the late Steve Jobs' 2010 WWDC keynote at the 06:20 mark, right after Avatar.

Design & implementation.

VScratch is a DJ Turntable for video. Shoot video in 1080p then play forwards, backwards, scrub impossibly smoothly and even scratch like a DJ.

Design and implementation

This includes not only the highly sought after scratch algorithm, but also some pretty tight OpenGLES shader code and even a node.js In App Purchase receipt verifier running on a Linode VM instance.

The first iphone DJ Turntable app with a realistic scratch sound. This ushered in the mobile device DJ app era as it raised expectations of what mobile devices were capable of and inspired a generation of competitors.

Design & implementation.

Trivia: Featured on engadget for being the first music app to gain access to the previously walled off iPod/iTunes music library.

Insert animated, movie quality Jurassic Park style dinosaurs into movies shot with your iPhone and share the results. This project was a tie-in for a Canadian science fiction TV Series, called Primeval: New World, written under contract for Robots and Pencils.

Design and implementation.

Interesting technologies included realtime GPU compositing of dinosaurs onto h264 video, and a GPU implementation of the photoshop blend modes.

A port to the desktop of the successful iPad app, Baby Decks DJ. Leaving the walled garden of iOS allowed for new features, like tighter iTunes Library integration, easy sharing of recorded performances (AAC/M4A), and more flexible multichannel output through 3rd party USB audio cards.

Design and implementation

The Felix Language's beginnings lay in a telephony switching system, and as such it had to be highly asynchronous and support many thousands of threads and simultaneous TCP connections. In other words, Felix is a solution to the The C10K Problem.

Sharing many features with Ericsson's Erlang Language and Google's Go Language, I contributed to Felix because I saw it as an ideal game scripting language, and designed and implemented its asynchronous I/O subsystem, in the process porting it to Mac OSX and later to iOS. I also ported the I/O subsystem to Windows (Overlapped IO/Completion Ports), Solaris (Event Ports), Linux (epoll), with fallbacks for lesser systems (poll, select).

QuickPrint is a successful preflight/pre-press tool for PDF files. Preflight tools check files for industrial scale printability, where any error can be costly and damaging for branding. In fact in Australia and overseas, many publishers mandate its use for print ads.

I was one of the architects and implemented the many new checks required for both PDF/X and Ghent PDF Workgroup certification. I also implemented the fixing mechanism, that, when possible, automatically corrected faulting files. This made the product easier to use and also increased the volume of PDFs going through our system, which charged by print area. This feature completely absorbed QuickCut ICC, which as a stand-alone product had had limited success.

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By D. Hestenes - Clifford Algebra to Geometric Calculus: A Unified Language for Mathematics and Physics: 1st (first) Edition

By D. Hestenes - Clifford Algebra to Geometric Calculus

A Unified Language for Mathematics and Physics

David Hestenes

Everything is better with multivectors.

Visual Complex Analysis

Visual Complex Analysis

Tristan Needham

It's much simpler with complex numbers.

Calculus of Variations (Dover Books on Mathematics)

Calculus of Variations

I. M. Gelfand, S. V. Fomin

In Soviet Russia Variational Calculus minimises YOU.

Div, Grad, Curl, and All That: An Informal Text on Vector Calculus, Fourth Edition

Div, Grad, Curl, and All That

An Informal Text on Vector Calculus, Fourth Edition

H. M. Schey

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1990, Mac Classic - the dearth of good games meant I had to (learn to) write them (obviously).

Vim and XCode are tolerable.