Gordon Wrigley

Engineer, Sr Staff – Software Development
Broadcom Corporation
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In the beginning was the code... No seriously, I was fiddling with basic when I was a toddler, so the code really was there at the beginning. And with that in mind the rest of my story (baring one little road bump) is kinda predictable.

An early interest in computers led to a strong grasp on mathematics which convinced my parents and teachers that I was University material. By the end of high school everyone, myself included, assumed I was going to University and I would be studying Computers.

Believing that the point of University is to learn, I set out to learn as much as I could. Along the way I took on a course load the University repeatedly described as "unwise" (I still have the letters). I also sat and passed every single under-graduate computer science paper (along with the usual raft of side papers).

By 4th year I was working on a Masters in computer science with bright academic dreams of specializing in language design... And then a local company hired almost my entire post-graduate class. Myself included. In all honesty I sort of went with the flow and hadn't really paid much attention to the word "embedded" in the job description.

My first shock was discovering I'd managed to walk into the subsection of Software Engineering furtherest from my dreams. The second was discovering I both liked it and was good at it.

Through 8 years, 3 jobs and 2 countries, embedded has been good to me. But it's time for a change and so over the last few years I have transitioned full time into Python development. And after embedded C it's like learning to fly.

Recently we've moved to London, mostly for a change of scene and as part of that I'd like to try contract work for a while, preferably in Python.


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Engineer, Sr Staff – Software Development
Broadcom Corporation

January 2010 – May 2012

In January 2010 the G2 staff and technology were acquired by the Wireless LAN division of the Broadcom Corporation. As part of the transition I moved from embedded development into a full time software tools role, developing, deploying and supporting tools for our globally distributed team of several hundred software engineers. I was the lead developer for a number of Python based tools and had technical oversight of all other tools development. Throughout this work the low level knowledge I acquired from my embedded background gave me critical insight into optimizing Python programs.

As part of this work we migrated the legacy software source repository (including 14 years of history and ~250,000 check-ins) to newer technology. Due to detailed planning this massive transition was completed with no unscheduled interruption to day to day work. During my time at Broadcom I traveled frequently to consult with management and train developers in our other offices. I also acted as the Python subject matter expert and attended Python conferences and user group meetings.

Senior Software Engineer
G2 Microsystems

June 2007 – January 2010

My core work at G2 was development of embedded Wifi protocol and driver software. Along with this I was heavily involved in tools development. Python was our language of choice for tools development and I quickly rose from being a new initiate to a subject matter expert, attending Python conferences and user group meetings.

As part of this tools work I lead a project to test embedded C code from Python via a CTypes bridge. This let us realize a significant increase in test performance and coverage with no additional developer resources. I also developed Python based flash memory programming and CPU debug tools.

Cross discipline work was common at G2, for me this included working with the hardware team to diagnose chip level issues, travelling to Singapore and the Philippines to support production line testing and travelling to the USA to participate in Wi-Fi Alliance certification.

Software Engineer
Aristocrat Research & Development

March 2006 – April 2007

At Aristocrat I worked on regionalization of slot machine software. Each new slot machine game needs to have a dozen variants created, with each one conforming to a different local regulatory regime.

Senior Software Engineer
Allied Telesis

February 2003 – December 2005

At Allied I developed and maintained embedded drivers for gigabit switches and routers in embedded C. During my time there I was involved in all phases of the product development lifecycle, including conception, hardware and software specification, initial run-up, software development, verification testing, accelerated life testing, mass production and customer support. Notably I was given primary responsibility for core switching driver support for ATR's next generation switches. Along with this came sole responsibility for source synchronization between that project and the mainline code.

I also independently developed, and supported a tool for analyzing stack dumps. This tool let us push the stack dump analysis closer to the failure, where related information such as software build details were more readily available.

University of Canterbury

March 2001 – October 2002

While studying at the University of Canterbury I worked as Tutor in the Computer Science and Accounting, Finance and Information Systems departments.

I conducted lab work for students studying a variety of topics, most notably Java programing. I also wrote and marked Java tests and assignments and I created a Jython based system to automatically mark, format and print several hundred Java assignments.

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PG.Dip.Sci Computer Science
University of Canterbury


PG.Dip.Sci is the course work component of a Masters of Science degree. The research based component was cut short by my transition to full time employment.

B.S. Computer Science
University of Canterbury

1999 – 2001

I have always been fascinated by everything computer related and this lead naturally to me taking (and passing) every single under graduate computer science paper. Along with the usual raft of side papers this lead to a work load that the University repeatedly informed me was unwise. But I was having fun so I didn't let that slow me down any.

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