Corey Frang

Momentum Workshop Inc, and Board Member
jQuery Foundation, and Programmer
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Last seen on Stack Overflow on Nov 25, 2015

I'm a professional web developer currently focused in JavaScript, PHP, and Mongo. I'm also a member of the jQuery Team.

I learned Pascal when I was 12, and have been searching out new languages and technologies ever since.

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Rock River Internet, ICD Inc.

2006 – 2011

Maintaining internal services for a Local ISP - Involves a lot of custom back end development and server maintenance.

Momentum Workshop Inc

February 2009 – Current

A small company that I founded focusing on custom backend web development and hosting for local businesses in my home town.

Board Member
jQuery Foundation

April 2012 – Current

jQuery Infrastructure Team Lead. jQuery Core & jQuery UI Team Member - Mostly focused on effects. Lead developer on the jQuery color plugin where I have been working on developing an API for the plugin.


April 2013 – Current

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GitHub, Apr 2009 - Current; followed by 37931 people; forked 9967 times

jQuery JavaScript Library

Effects 1.8 Rewrite - Bugfixing

GitHub, Jul 2009 - Feb 2015; followed by 1212 people; forked 312 times

jQuery plugin for color manipulation and animation support.

Lead Maintainer

GitHub, Jan 2010 - Current; followed by 9300 people; forked 3832 times

The official jQuery user interface library.

Effects 1.9 Rewrite - Bugfixing


Commodore 64