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Software Engineer 3
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I'm a passionate developer. I enjoy writing great software. I always strive to create something fantastic, that makes people say wow!

For me I look towards the end result: shipping value. I strive to deliver software, tools, or processes that provide business value in a timely, repeatable fashion. I enjoying making people's jobs easier, tackling difficult situations, and turning hard problems into simple solutions.


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Software Engineer 3

July 2015 – Current

  • Development of Cisco on premise virtual machine product including maintaining multiple Rails applications, and various custom services.

VP of Platform, Co-Founder

June 2013 – July 2015

Responsibilities include:

  • Managing PetroFeed's technical roadmap and architecture. Leading the team in creating a set of scalable services to meet the needs of our business.
  • Performing goal setting, problem solving, and career development via 1-on-1s with the 9 co-located and remote employees on the engineering team.
  • Seeking out, and hiring exceptionally talented individuals to join our engineering team.
  • Architected, designed, and built monthly billing platform, including authorization and transaction auditing facilities.
  • Architecture and implementation of asynchronous, fault tolerant, crawling and data ingestion pipeline spanning disparate datasets.
  • Architecture and implementation of activity feeds used for delivering the latest data to users via email and/or on site views.
  • API design and development for Android, iOS, and Web clients. Development of iOS and Android applications, and their respective CI & CD pipelines.
  • Miscellaneous front end html, css, and javascript bug fixes.
  • Other duties as required: ops, performance & production monitoring, customer service & engagement, and analytics.

Senior Developer & Partner
Randomtype Inc

September 2011 – June 2013

Responsibilities included:

  • Managed developer operations at Randomtype including strategic decisions related to company development, marketing efforts, and development practices.
  • Generated 46% of Randomtype's 2012 revenue.
  • Full stack development of multiple Ruby projects. Development of a money transfer system enabling transfers of $2MM/month, and the development of the MDNA CultureConsole, a full Rails application.
  • Start to finish building of 10 iOS applications that have been used by over 30,000 users including:
  • Development of two Android applications, including yycParking.

Technical Consultant (WorldPlay Networks)

September 2010 – September 2011

Responsibilities included:

  • Development of WPF, Console, and Windows Service programs, and their underlying common code for doing serial and distributed video encoding, utilizing unit and integration tests throughout the process.
  • Created, developed, and tested the TeamCity build environment for 7 projects, requiring the restructuring of C++ and C# code bases to create atomic projects, and the creation of NSIS installers for deployment packaging.
  • Application of Agile SCRUM methodology, utilizing daily standups, two week iterations, iteration retrospectives, and product demos.
  • Developed updates for internal application in ASP.NET MVC and C#. Enhancements and debugging for internal time tracking system in Classic ASP.

Critical Mass

February 2010 – September 2010

Responsibilities included:

  • Key developer for Nissan USA's $2.5 million CMS system built on DayCQ5.
  • Researched, and provided technical resources for other projects utilizing the DayCQ system. Performed upgrade from DayCQ 5.2 to 5.3.
  • Developed re-usable JSP controls, and templates for HTML generation. As well as the development of JavaScript controls and effects.
  • On boarding new contractors and employees to the CMS project.

Programmer I
Hemisphere GPS

September 2008 – February 2010

Responsibilities included:

  • Development and maintenance of the Outback Guidance dealer sales website, generating transactions of $500,000/day.
  • Achieved credit card (PCI) compliance for the dealer sales website by translating the PCI requirements into use case documentation, and securing the website.
  • Advocated and implemented improved development tools and processes, launched and implemented an Agile software development environment.
  • Improvement of the teams responsiveness to errors by implementing robust error reporting into the production environment.
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Honours Bachelor of Computer Science
University of Manitoba

2003 – 2008

Co-op Honours B.C. Sc.
3 four month works terms at Work Software Systems, Shell Canada, and Ikthuse Consulting.
Planned and executed co-op graduation event.

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GitHub, Jul 2011 - Apr 2012; followed by 35 people; forked 3 times

A recreation of evernotes show hide keyboard button

An example developed for iPhone tutorial, detailing how to build a show hide keyboard button that matches Evernote's button.

GitHub, Nov 2010; followed by 2 people

A Ruby wrapper for Joan found at

Initial development, and integration of another developers contributions

GitHub, Apr 2011

Code to demonstrate sliding tiles in a responsive fashion

An example developed for a iPhone tutorial, detailing different implementations of a tile sliding algorithm.

GitHub, Jan 2011; followed by 10 people

A custom made view cell to create a 2x2 grid view cell

An example developed for a iPhone tutorial, detailing how to create a 2x2 grid view for the iPhone.

GitHub, Nov 2010 - Mar 2011; followed by 2 people

An extension to the UISegmentedControl to add better visual responsiveness.

An example developed for a iPhone tutorial, detailing how to create a user responsive control, and why such a control is important.

Apps & Software () show all

Taught 18 students how to build a website over the course of 6 weeks.

  • Developed lesson plans, expanded on examples for class.
  • Tutored students and helped them to troubleshoot and diagnose coding issues.

3 month business course learning about product development, marketing, customer relations for online software software businesses.

Completed multiple talks at the YYCRuby meetup group

Volunteered in the local HTML500 event as a mentor, teaching a group of participants to code their first webpage.

Development of an iOS based calculator which turned 400 pages of conversion chart tables into an easy to use app. The application allowed Dimos to offer the conversion chart at a 266% reduction in price, while still maintaining the same profit margin.

Development of the complete application, including: skinning, 150 different formula creation and verification via test suite, and user interface design/programming.

Creation of a visual application for children with learning disabilities to communicate their level of anger and frustration in a healthy manner.

Creation of application powered by phonegap. Development and testing of application across all iOS device models.

thank-you so much for the great work you've done for us - you've been fantastic to work with!
- Carole Conyers

YYC Parking for iOS & Android provides real time parking updates for downtown Calgary Alberta. - Made proudly by Randomtype Inc.

Development of the iOS and Android application.

Above & Beyond allows you to use Beyond The Whiteboard on your iPhone! It’s the quickest way to see what tomorrows workouts are, how others are doing, and how you compare to them.

Development of iOS application. Custom cell drawing, app skinning, responsive image downloads.

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Ruby/Rails Performance Blog

6 posts on various tips, tricks, and learnings from a performance perspective on Ruby and Rails.

5 Blog Posts on RubySource about moving from .NET to Ruby

Articles that cover topics on Types, Methods, Classes, Working in Ruby, and Conventions.

Multiple Blog Posts on yycApps

10+ blog posts about local developers, their applications, and code samples on how to build custom controls in iOS.

Randomtype Blog

40+ blog posts on the Randomtype blog, covering topics like error fixing, code examples, tutorials, and how to posts.


Don't Make Me Think: A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability, 2nd Edition

Don't Make Me Think

A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability, 2nd Edition

Steve Krug

Programming Ruby 1.9: The Pragmatic Programmers' Guide (Facets of Ruby)

Programming Ruby 1.9

The Pragmatic Programmers' Guide

Dave Thomas, Chad Fowler, Andy Hunt

Test Driven Development: By Example

Test Driven Development

By Example

Kent Beck

Code Complete: A Practical Handbook of Software Construction, Second Edition

Code Complete

A Practical Handbook of Software Construction, Second Edition

Steve McConnell


Intel 80386



I love being physically active. I especially enjoy rock climbing, hiking, and camping. I take an interest in brewing good coffee and enjoy trying new indy beers.