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Some problems need textbooks & rigor to solve. The newest tools, mobile apps, and reddit posts won’t solve them for you.

“Spin the middle side topwise...topwise!”

I am comically serious yet seriously comical. StackOverflow tells me to become human here, which I will do unmitigated.

Can I find a job where it matters if I’ve read Knuth, Arora, Vazirani, or Rudin? Can I find one where I am encouraged to? Tinkering and gadget-lust is not enough. I seek greatness.

Will he lose a finger? Maybe, but he will gain a finger of knowledge in his brain. Peggy Hill

Part lab, part shop, my dream job will surround me with people whose intelligence humbles me. My coworkers should push me to stop being a "sound absorber" like the kind Richard Hamming decried. It is time to stop sabotaging myself. I hereby reject mediocrity. I seek the truly ambitious. The road to intellectual greatness cannot be traveled alone.



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Engineer | CashStar

September 2011 – Current

Technical lead for our risk platform. Lots and lots and lots of other Software Engineer responsibilities. Jeezy creezy. It would be easier to list things I haven't there anything?

Developer | Protect America

March 2010 – September 2011

I've worked on several Django projects here, including Django components in all of the below projects. I help configure Slicehost slices for our internal projects, and I brainstorm daily with my coworkers on software design decisions.

interconnect - a run on credit

I redesigned our internal credit check system. I replaced old PHP code with a Django application that runs consumer credit checks on Equifax's InterConnect service. Every sale our company makes depends on this code, which runs a significant number of credit reports per day. Consequently, its correctness, reliability, and responsiveness are vital.

The code accounts for many edge cases in the service's possible responses, and, unsurprisingly, was developed entirely from experimental data because the InterConnect service's documentation is so incorrect that it may as well be for a completely different web service.

snippr - a server on udp

I built out one of our business-critical network applications. Communicating with home security panels, it tracks configurations, firmware version info, and other panel information; writes new configurations; and updates panel firmware over the net. It is used every day to configure every security panel that gets shipped out to customers, and when something goes wrong I stay however long it takes to fix the problem. I transformed a one-off script used internally on a few panels at a time into a robust platform for network communication. It uses Python and communicates over UDP sockets using TDEA encryption. I am successfully rebuilding a performance-critical portion of the server in Google's Go language.

crimedata - a munge of reality

I transformed the Table 8 spreadsheet of the FBI's Uniform Crime Reports into usable, searchable, structured data in a database. I implemented some silly "ranking" algorithms to assign letter-grades to cities, and I provided Django management commands to simplify the process of munging & ranking new data in the future. Again, the ranking is silly, but the data munging is notable. It involved reconciling the FBI's list of city names with actual latitudes & longitudes, doing geographic calculations for nearest-city searching, and providing an interface for "Did you mean?"-style fuzzy searching.

Teaching Assistant | Dept. of Computer Science, University of North Texas

August 2007 – December 2008

  • Graded papers and exams for graduate and undergraduate courses
  • Managed department's help lab
  • Tutored students on theory & programming including Java, C++, Haskell, and Bash
  • Developed rapport with students, many of whom returned weekly for regular advice
  • Inspired dejected students

Research Assistant | Dr. Rada Mihalcea's LIT Group at University of North Texas

June 2008 – August 2008

  • Worked with two other Research Assistants and with Dr. Mihalcea on database design, UI design, and application design for a web application
  • Developed a custom Object-Relational Mapper (ORM) in PHP to reduce redundant code and increase reliability of object models
  • Created custom User Interface widgets using Javascript, XHTML, CSS, and jQuery
  • Maintained MySQL database, both with direct SQL queries and with phpMyAdmin

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M.S. Computer Science | University of North Texas

2007 – 2009

GPA: 3.89

Voluntarily wrote and defended a masters thesis when a non-thesis option was available.

Radiated passion into dejected students in the computer science help lab.

Invited to work as a Research Assistant for PECASE-winning associate professor, Dr. Rada Mihalcea.

B.S. Computer Science | University of North Texas

2003 – 2006

Honors: Magna cum Laude

GPA: 3.87

Minor in Mathematics

Took many courses in technical writing and editing. I absorbed everything.

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Some monster built into a desk w/ 8" floppy that was literally floppy



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I am on Github:

My open source contributions are embarrassingly small. My proudest is to Dingus (, because although I now use mock, Dingus's tests taught me that tests can be beautiful.

Some of my writing on my web site (, while aged, shows more of who I am--or have been. I welcome feedback.

My Goodreads page may interest you (


Computation is more than tinkering and gadget lust for me. It is the core of my identity. It delves into the potential--and the limitations--of our species. It asks fundamental questions of the universe. It fuels our tinkering, our gadget lust, and my ambitions.

I will gladly share more of my life with you if you tell me that my CV indicates that we would be a good match.