Tom Lokhorst

Software Engineer
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I like working on interfaces, whether they are GUIs or CLIs for end-users, or APIs for programmers. The greatest interface of them all: Programming Languages, the user interface to pure computation.

I like to work with beautiful tools, and work towards elegance in my code. Haskell is my programming language of choice, I love how lightweight and unobtrusive its syntax can be.

"Life's too short to drink cheap beer", and too short to waste time working with inadequate tools or building meaningless junk. I want to work on stuff that makes me happy.


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Software Engineer

2010 – Actuel

Front end development with JavaScript and HTML. Back end development with C# and ASP.NET. Basically, I'm building websites!

Web Developer

2006 – 2009

I started at Datheon as an intern, during the final months of my Bachelor's degree. After graduating, I accepted a full time position, and over time became the lead developer of an in-house developed web-based knowledge management suite.

After I started my Master's at Utrecht University, I continued working at Datheon part-time for 2 years, before quitting to focus exclusively on my Master's thesis.

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M.S. Computer Science
Utrecht University

2007 – 2010

Courses included: Software Engineering & Architecture, Advanced Functional Programming, Automatic Program Analysis, Dependently Typed Programming, Type-Based Program Analysis, and Advanced Compiler Construction.

My Master's thesis dealt with implementing static analyses and compile time optimizations in the Utrecht Haskell Compiler. At the international IFL 2010 conference, I presented part of my thesis as the talk "Strictness Optimization for Higher-Order Functions in a Typed Intermediate Language".

B.S. Information Communication Technology
Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen

2002 – 2006

Courses included: Introductions to Delphi/C/Java, Business Intelligence, Information Modeling, Data Structures, Algorithms and Meta-Programming.

Research project on XML selection and transformation languages.

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Commodore 64


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Projets et liens

Checkout some of my projects on GitHub.

Also, I'm a member of the Dutch Haskell User Group.

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During my three years at Utrecht University, I learned a great many things. I've made some good friends, who share my passion for elegant programming. Over the years I've also visited several conferences on functional programming and Haskell Hackathons, which are always great fun!

To find out what's currently on my mind, follow me on Twitter: @tomlokhorst