Tom Seidel

Software Architect/Engineer at Jaguar/LandRover et Software Engineer at contractor at AVL Ditest GmbH
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I'm looking for an interesting job in Germany.

I prefer working with the Eclipse technology stack but I'm open for new challenges especially for cloud-based software, OSGi and JEE.


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Software Architect/Engineer

septembre 2014 – Actuel

  • Design/Implementation of a new diagnosis platform
  • OSGi application with HTML frontend

Software Engineer
contractor at AVL Ditest GmbH

mai 2011 – Actuel

  • Development of a Java application for vehicle diagnosttic, based on OSGi and SWT.
  • Maintance of the Tools regarding data mining including the grammar for the ecud description (based on Xtext) and its export in executable OSGi-services
  • Maintaining the Build-scripts for the production data (mostly through EMF models with Xpand scripts)

Software Engineer
contractor at Iisy AG

novembre 2010 – mars 2011

  • Development of a Eclipse for process management
  • Deep Integration of JDT features into Busimess model of the process modeller
  • Implementation of some Groovy-IDE features including an editor with syntax-highlight, check, code-completion, etc.

MDD Trainer
contractor at Höfft & Wessels

mai 2011

  • Training of 10 developers the principles of Mode-Driven-Software-Development and the Toolchain provided by Eclipse
  • Workshop on how-to create models with pure EMF or Xtext
  • Model-2-Model Transformations with Xtend
  • Model-2-Text Transformations with Xpand

Software Engineer/Architect
contractor at CerboMed GmbH

août 2010 – octobre 2010

  • Building a Java application for the configuration and data analysis of a medical device
  • USB communication protocol implementation

Software Engineer/Architect
contractor at 1 & 1 Internet AG

avril 2010 – juin 2010

  • Development of a Eclipse RAP web-application for contract-management near-shore in Bucharest, Romania
  • Training of the development team (Eclipse, RAP, OSGi)
  • Communication between Project-management in Germany and development-team in Bucharest.

Software Engineer/Architect
contractor at ProDV Software AG

février 2009 – février 2010

  • Development of a RCP application for a public authority regarding environment and emmission
  • Training of the development-team (Eclipse RCP)

Software Engineer
contractor at WeWebU Software AG

novembre 2008 – février 2009

  • Implementation of plugins to edit configuration files of the companies product in Eclipse
  • Training of the development team (Eclipse RCP)

Technical Project Lead
Spirit Link GmbH

2004 – 2008

  • Leading the Eclipse development team
  • Project-lead for Eclipse based Java projects
  • Software-Architecture
  • Strategical roadmap regarding Eclipse technology for the company

Software Enginieer
Spirit Link GmbH

2001 – 2004

  • Development of J2EE applications
    • Frontend with HTML/JavaScript and Apache Struts
    • Backend mostly with a Microsoft SQL Server accessed mostly via JDBC and PreparedStatements or a ORM-Mapper (Apache Torque)
  • Support of already deployed applications
  • Development of internal tools in ASP and VBScript
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Dipl.-Ing Information Technology

2000 – 2004


Sun Certified Associate for the Java Platform (Java 1.4)


Professional Scrum Master (PSM I)


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When using Eclipse as IDE, developers require additional information to work on source code. These information are typically something like documentation, specification or source…

Project lead

Star Mylyn as favorite on Marketplace

Component lead for the richttext editing within the Mylyn Docs subproject


A java API for using the services from


RIM is a client application for the management of information with a connection to multitude of data repositories and a desktop-integration for an optimal usage for the offline management, visualization and easy accessibility of information to the user.

Project lead


richhtml4eclipse is a WYSIWYG HTML-editor widget for SWT and can be integrated into an Eclipse environment. THIS PROJECT IS NOT UNDER ACTIVE DEVELOPMENT: see for the continued project.

project-lead, developer

A server application which can be used as a catalog to install bundles via the Eclipse Marketplace.

Project lead, developer

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Spring im Einsatz

Spring im Einsatz

Craig Walls

Spring & Hibernate

Spring & Hibernate

Gerald Bachlmayer



Julius Plenz Valentin Haenel

Die OSGi Service Platform

Die OSGi Service Platform

Matthias L+â-+bken

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1994: Pentium I 75Mhz, 1GB hdd, Win3.11