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Tim Post

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Actuellement Community Manager chez Stack Exchange, Inc.

I am a systems programmer and integrator with a passion for open source software. I began programming beyond BASIC in 1991 when I got my first modem and discovered the dial up BBS scene.

Since 1995, I have been doing something professionally, personally or both with Linux and GNU software. My primary language is C and I love POSIX environments. I've done extensive work with Xen in the IAAS/PAAS/SAAS industries as well as work on other major data center automation software. I've also written command shells, micro web servers, RPC systems, file system utilities and various in memory caching key stores.

When I'm not working on writing new systems or finding ways to automate them, I like making things with PHP. I've been using PHP since the very early days and have been depending on it more since version 5.3. I'm purely OOP when it comes to PHP and writing testable code is one of my more cherished ideals when it comes to programming. I'm familiar with several popular frameworks, and use them when it's appropriate. Most of my personal projects are hand rolled using components from other projects. While I can do interesting things with jQuery, my JS knowledge is what I would call acceptable. You might also catch me dabbling in a little Python, or playing with new exciting things like Redis and Mongo.

Through involvement with various open source projects and communities like Stack Overflow, I have learned a great deal about community management and moderation. I'm not shy, I love being on the front lines of communication - even when it's less than pleasant.

I'm A US Citizen currently living and raising a family in The Philippines. My off time goes to moderating Stack Overflow, photography and pulling up weeds in open source projects that I maintain.

My ideal position puts me to work on new challenges, while paying just enough to take the issue of money off the table.


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Community Manager, Stack Exchange, Inc

février 2013 - Actuel

After serving as a community elected moderator for two years on Stack Overflow, I decided that working on Stack Exchange in general is something that I am really passionate about and very much enjoy doing.

As I noticed that my free time, the time I spend on things that I really care about, shifted from programming and over to helping the Stack Overflow community grow, I decided that a move into community management was in order.

I've done some interesting things since joining the community team:

  • Designed a comprehensive yet simple spam mitigation system that is fed from the signals that we get from our communities, moderators and spammers

  • Moved our front end user support to a much more modern system and integrated that with our stuff (still a work in progress)

  • Split an existing Audio & Video community into two separate sites, where both thrive more than before.

  • More neat stuff coming!

Senior Software Engineer, EZ Provider Networks, Inc

septembre 2011 - décembre 2012

I'm currently a software engineer working at the senior level for EZProvider Networks, a Vancouver BC web hosting firm. My role is deeply rooted as much in our development process as it is in development.

My other responsibilities include coming up with interesting and innovative offerings that help us to stand out from our competition. One of the biggest reasons that I joined EZP is that we don't simply copy what every other host is doing.


  • Solidified the use of best practices (version control, tests, review, etc)
  • Implemented meta project architecture to quickly define new projects that kick off with a clear scope
  • Created customer facing development management platform (think basic Kiln + Ohloh with lots of custom Mercurial hooks)
  • Improved speed and performance up to a factor of almost 400% for large, database and media intense client sites.
  • Implemented a complex MQ and monitoring system on top of Redis
  • Implemented a framework to ease the pain of bringing large static sites into the modern era
  • Created a client management interface that ties many systems together in a nice, coherent and extremely usable manner.
  • Contributed new code and bug fixes to open source tools and libraries that we use.

Freelance Programmer / Integrator, Self Employed

juin 2011 - septembre 2011

I assist mostly start up companies with technical challenges that are faced when trying to bring an application or service to market. My activities range from creating sparse, task specific operating systems based on Debian / Scientific Linux, all the way to assisting with API design and deployment.

I also frequently help companies handle janitorial tasks that tend to be forgotten during the chaos of a rapid development cycle, such as writing unit tests or documentation. I also help companies that got off on the wrong foot into better practices when it comes to development, such as introducing continuous integration services for nightly builds.

Highlights of my favorite projects include:

  • Development of a Xen privileged domain OS based on Debian 6, bundled with the latest Linux 3.x kernel and unstable Python packages.

  • Development of a Valgrind aware C unit testing framework, based on TAP (test anything protocol)

  • Development of a custom I/O performance monitoring system written in Python that took corrective action by issuing appropriate hypercalls

  • Development of a Trixbox provisioning system based on Python Fabric and Django

While I enjoy working with such a varied group of people and having more time to explore my own personal interests, I miss the sense of security that comes from having a predictable pay check. Freelancing is often a feast or famine proposition.

Senior Developer, Enzu, Inc

2010 - 2011

My responsibilities at Enzu were varied. I joined the company as an outside consultant and grew almost immediately to a full time employee.

I served as both the senior developer and CTO, sometimes it was difficult to remember which hat I was wearing, but I seemed to manage.

  • Responsible for designing and implementing a cloud platform based on Xen that doesn't suck. Replaced proprietary "virtualization control panels" with software that can be modified or improved in house.

  • Developed libraries that simplify interaction with Xen's lower level C libraries. Guided decisions for network storage and brought best practices in software development to the table. Wrote coding standards for several languages as well as a development methodology guidelines based on agile ideals.

  • Implemented comprehensive VM monitoring over Xenbus at both the kernel and userspace level.

  • Implemented an intelligent VM bin packing strategy that takes scaling into account, while achieving the best possible density on a server to server basis.

  • Developed a RESTful management API independent of Xen's.

  • Served as F/LOSS license compliance officer and gate keeper to over 12 projects.

  • Guided the shaping of sales offerings based on deliverables that won't irritate customers

  • Worked on several in house data center automation projects

  • Responsible for screening and hiring new programmers

  • Responsible for deploying and managing all VOIP offerings

While the work was enjoyable and the challenges were interesting, financial concerns presented a reality that was just too harsh to continue.

Freelance Programmer, Self Employed

2005 - 2010

All around go to programmer and consultant in the hosting industry. A lot of my work is still covered by a non-disclosure agreement, but I never signed a non-compete agreement. I'm way too smart to do that.

Highlights include:

  • Development of hosting control panels

  • Development of elastic / cloud platforms based on Xen

  • Modifications and custom builds of the Linux kernel

  • Development of custom shells and core utiulities

  • Free software license compliance

  • Troubleshooting problematic web apps on various platforms

  • Setup of office networks based on Ubuntu / Debian GNU Linux

  • Setup and maintenance of Asterisk based PBX systems

  • Developing custom Xen implementations for appliance usage

Once in a while, I also fixed PHP web apps, set up servers, hardened servers, found spammers in a haystack of users and everything else that you'd expect from a NIX geek working in the hosting industry.

I stopped freelancing because I like stable paychecks and don't care for bill collecting.

Lead Programmer / Admin, Surf Speedy, Inc

2003 - 2005

I was the lead administrator for a large farm of shared web hosting servers located in several data centers. I also had the responsibility of automating many common and some uncommon tasks.

  • Developed systems to monitor aggregate CPU usage on a per account basis and suspend problematic users after sending a snapshot of the usage that included graphs

  • Developed several custom inotify based intrusion detection systems that allowed the company to be more flexible with the shared PHP configuration.

  • Developed a DNS management system to replace the (then buggy) C-Panel/WHM DNS clustering facility.

  • Developed a proof of concept hosting cluster based on OpenSSI and C-Panel/WHM

  • Developed a web based system administration tool that allowed basic level support staff to accomplish tasks that usually required an experienced system administrator

  • Communicated through help desk software with clients when issues were escalated to me

  • Assisted with purchasing and growth decisions

  • Helped to manage a large community of customers on popular forums

The biggest challenges at this or any other web hosting company is the proprietary nature of many critical components, such as account automation and control software. Many hours were spent on what I consider some of the most clever but dirty hacks I've ever written just to trick the software into doing what we wanted it to do.

I went part time with Surf Speedy near the end of my time there, to make room for my own interests that were pointing to virtualization technologies such as Xen that was just too unstable for production use at the time.

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General Studies, CCBC

1991 - 1995

I went directly from the 10'th grade to college and rapidly discovered that I was ill equipped to deal with my peers. At the time, opportunities for people who could work in a UNIX like environment were plentiful. It was the ill fated start of the glorious dot com boom.

My family made just enough money to disqualify me for many forms of financial aid but not quite enough to supplement my flailing attempts to succeed in an environment designed for people at least five years older than me.

I opted to go make money instead, it was rather free flowing and did not involve members of the opposite sex that were too old for me. My studies were in information systems and criminal justice. I completed my core credits, then was lured away by more attractive offers.

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HelenOS project

Rather sooner than later, HelenOS will become a complete and usable modern operating system, offering room for experimenting and research. HelenOS uses its own microkernel written...

  • Wrote the first shell (BDSH)
  • Improvements to the standard C library
  • Bug fixes to the VFS service and unit tests

Ext3COW File System

Ext3COW is a copy on write implementation of ext3, that is (almost) backwards compatible with ext3. Snapshots from user space are cheap and accessing files in the past requires no modifications to standard system calls.

  • Developed an assortment of improved user space tools for file system management
  • Helped to maintain patches against several kernels
  • Bug hunting

Xen Guests

XGuests is a tool to get the results of common hypercalls in a format that popular interpreted languages can easily parse, making it easier to write utilities without resorting to scraping the output of another program. It's currently in use by (from what I gather) a few hundred domains that utilize Xen. Note, this project links against xenstat, not libxl or the library I wrote to wrap libxc or xenstore. I haven't updated it because it's better to link against libxl for most purposes.

As the original author, I was thrilled with the tiny community that sprung up around it.

An open source project forge that focused on delivering quality Mercurial based project hosting with all of the features that most would want. This was built at a time that Bitbucket had much less functionality, and finding a hosting service that supported Mercurial was difficult. Sharesource is itself, open source, released under version 3 of the GNU Affero General Public License - one of the first forges that did not present a data jail to the projects it hosts. For those that wanted to move for whatever reason, it's possible to take your whole project, as well as the system itself with you

Technical adviser, code contributor, tester, idea generator and evangelist. Sharesource continues to operate to this day and has a nice community around it. While Github and Bitbucket have become 'all the rage', Sharesource quietly did a few things right before them.

Applications et logiciels


SRCE stands for (S)ecure (R)emote (C)ommand (E)xecution. It is a light weight client and server that facilitates an 'almost jailed' remote execution without using password-less SSH keys. This probably belongs in "open source", but I continue to be amazed at the number of people who use it, even after the project site was shut down. SRCE uses random bits of a pre shared key which the client and server negotiate at each connection to establish a blowfish secret, but the secret itself is never transmitted. SRCE also supports file transfers. The protocol more or emulates a RESTful connection and offers `EXEC`, `GET`, `PUT`, `REBOOT` and `PANIC`. Originally designed as an interconnect for single system image setups, SRCE has found uses in many embedded devices, such as karaoke machines that fetch media. The project is no longer maintained, but exists for historical purposes.

  • Main developer / gate keeper

Écrits afficher tout

How to become a tolerant person

Moderate Blogging

My attempt at writing an 'idiot's guide' to avoiding arguing over the Internet. I must confess, I sometimes have difficulty following my own advice.

Atomic Operations In User Space Using GCC Natives


A rant on why atomic operations in user space are needlessly difficult with breadcrumbs to accomplish them using compiler built ins.

Why quality matters – keeping the bar high

Moderate Blogging

Why quality is so important on sites like Stack Overflow

Lectures afficher tout

The Art of UNIX Programming

The Art of UNIX Programming

Eric S. Raymond

There's a UNIX way of doing things, a GNU way of doing things, a POSIX way of doing things and then there's your way of doing things. This book is a must read for anyone who wants to write portable software, while avoiding some of the most common pitfalls in UNIX development. It also gives great insights into how you can avoid needless complexity in your software, especially when it comes to configuration.

Cathedral and the Bazaar

Cathedral and the Bazaar

Eric S. Raymond

I've been active in F/OSS development since the mid 90's, and this book has become the cornerstone of the development methodologies that I use at work today.

The Mythical Man-Month: Essays on Software Engineering, Anniversary Edition (2nd Edition)

The Mythical Man-Month

Essays on Software Engineering, Anniversary Edition

Frederick P. Brooks

Nine women can't make a baby in one month. Need I say more?

The Shellcoder's Handbook: Discovering and Exploiting Security Holes

The Shellcoder's Handbook

Discovering and Exploiting Security Holes

Jack Koziol, David Litchfield, Dave Aitel, Chris Anley, Sinan "noir" Eren, Neel…

This is by far one of the most interesting books to have when it comes to avoiding holes in stuff you write, while spotting them in stuff you audit. It's full of practical examples, high profile cases and is written in a high level down to gory detail way. As soon as you get what you need from any given passage, just go to the next one, or keep reading when you find something that really tickles your brain. This book tends to come off my bookshelf much more than others, especially when I'm looking for a good example of what to avoid while teaching.

C Programming Language (2nd Edition)

C Programming Language

Brian W. Kernighan, Dennis M. Ritchie

This is the C bible. That is all.




Plus d'informations

Projets et liens

I am an avid free and open source developer. Ohloh thinks rather highly of me even though half of my projects were solo.

I wrote the shell for HelenOS as well as made some improvements to the VFS service and standard C library.

I was part of the attempt to breathe new life back into CryoPID, but heap randomization by default basically proved that checkpointing entirely in userspace was probably a bad idea. Encouraging people to turn that off just seemed icky.

I've made frequent contributions to Xen, I have no idea what actually got accepted, most of it was just simple bug fixes in the earlier days.

I've made some contributions to CCAN

I'm a moderator on Stack Overflow, elected by the community in February, 2011. Helping to improve Stack Overflow is one of my favorite things to do with my free time.

Plus d'informations

I've been programming for over twenty years, ten of them professionally. I fell in love with free/open source early in life and the twinkle in my eye has only grown with regards to discovering and improving new and useful stuff.

I've worked for most of my life in various project management positions but got sick of being an anonymous part of a larger wheel while wondering what I won't be able to do in life once I reach retirement.

Given the opportunity, I transplanted to The Philippines while working with a web hosting company. My assignment was to ensure best practices on this end and train new people, while looking after the network and development efforts in the

To my amazing surprise and good fortune, I ended up having a family here. We've been together for eight years and have a wonderful daughter. Meanwhile, I've been exploring this corner of the world at every opportunity, see my moderator election nomination.

I consider the last five years of my life to be the most fruitful and productive. I've had the opportunity to learn while being unfettered by deadlines as well as the opportunity to study different cultures.

What country is next? We just don't know!