Sandeepan Nath Majherbhuiya

Senior Software Engineer
ADPS Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
  • Bangalore, Karnataka, India
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I have 2.8 years of experience primarily as a LAMP stack developer (P for PHP).

I love following best practices but I am also comfortable to go with temporary not-so-good solutions when bound by time constraints. I do, however, keep those things "unpluggable" so that a better solution can be easily "plugged-in" later.

I believe in keeping the bug count low.

I have no problems in writing specs and documents. I think a lot of writing due to participation in the Stack Exchange network has inculcated this good practice into me.

I enjoy discussions and constructive arguments.

People appreciate me for my attention to detail, dedication, excellent team work spirit and my communication skills.



Senior Software Engineer
ADPS Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

juin 2008 – mars 2011

I joined as a Trainee and was given responsibilities to apply minor fixes to existing modules in the beginning. My roles and responsibilities kept on increasing over the course of 7 projects spanning around 3 years.

My responsibilities in the last project, which continued for around 17 months, included - Application Development, Client Interaction (Overseas client), Leading the Team, Requirements Analysis, Time Estimation, Deployment and occasional Regression Testing. I also worked on System Designing and re-factoring, Database optimization, Frontend Designing, Layout Implementation etc.

We worked on a variety of feature implementations, mostly on small to medium scale applications (where site traffic has been less, number of records on search-able tables have been of the order of a few thousands, and number of users around a few thousands too).

I observed that code repetition/duplicacy has been the single biggest problem among coworkers, followed by poor programming (or rather lack of programming in some cases), tight coupling, lack of proper abstraction etc. Most of my suggestions from time to time, were approved and there were these special phases to apply core code/architecture improvements, in between the other regular change request phases, and the results made the system more stable and enabled us to quickly respond to client requests.


B.Tech (Bachelor of Technology) Electronics & Telecommunication Engg.
National Institute of Technology, Silchar

2003 – 2007

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