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Tips to Maximize Search Results with Stack Overflow Careers

Our goal with the candidate search on Stack Overflow Careers is to make it easy for you to hone in on specific criteria so you can expedite your hiring process and avoid sorting through hundreds of candidate profiles that don’t meet your needs. It’s faster to review 10 candidate profiles who meet a niche set of expectations than to sort through 100 candidates whose profiles may not be an exact match. With that in mind, it’s important to keep in mind that applying too many filters may not return a large enough applicant pool for that role. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when using the candidate search on Stack Overflow Careers.

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1. Commencez par les exigences « indispensables ».

Before starting a new candidate search on Stack Overflow Careers, prioritize the requirements needed for that role so you can search strategically. You’ll have the most flexibility with your other search filters if the language or technology needed is common. Alternatively, if you need a developer with a niche skillset, searching only for specialty technologies in addition to other criteria may limit your candidate pool on other factors. Good developers can pick up a new, specialty technology very quickly. In a market this competitive, it’s important to prioritize strategically and differentiate between the “must have” requirements and the “nice-to-haves.”

2. Envisagez le télétravail.

Job listings on Stack Overflow Careers that offer remote work receive 3-6 times as many applicants as those that do not. If candidates are more likely to apply for these jobs, they may also be more interested to hear from you when messaging them on the database. If your company is not located in a tech hub or you can only hire developers with a very specific skillset, offering remote work is a great way to maintain a larger candidate pool. Approximately 1 in 5 developers within in our database strictly prefer remote work, so if you dismiss this group entirely, you may rule out some very qualified programmers for your team. To locate candidates who prefer remote work or are willing to relocate, use the filters provided in the search.

3. Recherchez parmi les candidats actifs et passifs.

Parmi les candidats de notre base de données, seuls 20 % environ recherchent activement un emploi à un moment donné. Comme le marché du recrutement technique est le plus concurrentiel du monde, la plupart des bons développeurs ont déjà un emploi. Il est donc dans votre intérêt de les rechercher également parmi les candidats passifs. Le terme « passif » ne signifie pas que ces candidats ne sont pas à la recherche d'un emploi. Il signifie simplement qu'ils occupent actuellement déjà un emploi. Mais la plupart de ces candidats restent ouverts à de nouvelles opportunités. Trouvez la personne qui convient au poste et expliquez-lui comment votre proposition pourrait bénéficier à sa carrière davantage que son poste actuel.

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