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Tools for Developers: What Your Company Needs

Tools for Developers: What Your Company Needs

If there’s one thing developers love, it’s their tools. And when your job revolves around technology, having the right tools is incredibly important to getting the job done. The term “tools” is often used loosely, but we’re defining the term on two levels: physical tools, such as your computer and hardware; and online tools, including websites, software, and apps. We spoke to developers all over the world to see what they think are the best software and tools for web developers. Employers, take note. Powerful and speedy computers are a no-brainer for programmers, but what about the other hardware? We’ve found that developers prefer two monitors, ideally 30” LCD screens, at their workstation for maximum productivity. Here at Stack Exchange, all developers are given whatever they need to get their job done, whether it’s a high-end keyboard, three monitors, or a laptop to take home. … Pour en savoir plus