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Rick Graham

Vancouver, ON, Canada

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Actuellement Sr. Software Development Engineer chez One Move technologieset Mentor chez CodeCore Developer Bootcamp.


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Sr. Software Development Engineer, One Move technologies

avril 2014 - Actuel

Econveyance is the largest conveyance preparation solution in Western Canada. One Move makes conveyancing easier than it’s ever been. Our clients are excited to experience the many benefits of preparing all their conveyancing work in one central place.

Established as a leader in the industry because of our entrepreneurial attitude and drive for ease of use. One Move continues to lead the charge for technological advancement and innovation in the legal conveyancing field.

Mentor, CodeCore Developer Bootcamp

avril 2014 - Actuel

CodeCore Bootcamp was developed by industry veterans, who continuously consult with corporate Hiring Partners to review, update and optimize our program. 

We teach not just the fundamentals of coding and programming languages, but also offer real-world training in software architecture and development methodologies and processes. Graduates come away with the tools and understanding to communicate and work effectively with teams in a fast-paced development environment.

R&D Lead, PatientWay

décembre 2012 - décembre 2013

PatientWay™ Access Management Platform, is an integrated suite of applications that streamlines the flow of information about patients from their primary care physician through to the clinical area of a hospital.

We recognize that the patient is the most under utilized resource in a hospital's community and we have realized that our technology can save a hospital ~$500k per year. From pre-registration and scheduling at home via the web, to checkin and wayfinding at the hospital via a kiosk. Our interfaces integrate into existing EHR and PHS systems such as MEDITech, OSCAR, McKesson STAR, Cerner, etc; via TTY communication, HL7 Interface, or directly with their data center; to perform regular tasks with respect to patient data quality, registration, or any other tasks that these systems are capable of performing for the hospital.

Using Ruby/Rails/JS and JRuby as a deployment platform. We work in Mac, Linux and Windows environments, and implement an Agile process. As the Senior Developer, I guided the team through sprints on technical tasks and research/development of new products and features. Other tools that have been used include GIT, rvm/rbenv, JIRA, TDD, Jenkins CI, and code review.

Software Developer, PatientWay

avril 2011 - décembre 2012

My major contribution has been the development of the AMP's Wayfinding v2. A flexible and mutable design that is built with SVG, Javascript, jQuery, and underscore.js on the client side. It has a Ruby on Rails back end integration with AMP's Flow and Screens Models, for a powerful and highly desirable feature set.

Daily activities include GIT, rvm/rbenv, TDD, and code review. We use Glassfish v3 as a deployment strategy, we develop in Mac and Linux environments, and thanks to our Agile process, we go through a lot of stickie pads!

Lead Design/Development, RaddStudio

septembre 2005 - avril 2011

Offering design, development, management, and online strategic services, I help my clients make their websites work for them, so that they can focus on what they do best. Working with web, graphic, and print mediums, I bring together creative ideas and technologies to make my clients dreams come true. I tend to work with open source technologies to keep my clients costs down, but am ready to adapt to the needs of the project, no matter what they may be.

I commonly employ the use of Eclipse, PHP/MySQL/Apache/Linux and Joomla! frameworks as well as Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator, MS Office products. Custom code and HTML/CSS/JavaScript, components, modules, and plug-ings built from the ground up for my clients and projects. I have also developed sites using Ruby on Rails and have worked with a handful of gems.

System Programmer, Threshold-FTI

octobre 2007 - septembre 2008

Threshold has differentiated itself in the financial transaction and ABM marketplace by specializing in the provision of high quality, fully managed, POS and ABM solutions.

Work involved analyzing, redesigning and developing an administrative platform for user and content management with respect to Threshold’s application services as well as other common tools to be used internally. When I arrived to start work with the company, applications were written in a variety of web languages with little organization which became cumbersome on company resources. I rebuilt them in a multi-tier MVC style, bringing integrity to the company's web platform as the WebTools product, a user friendly, fully featured web platform for ATM’s and credit unions that reports financial data, audits user interaction, catches exceptions and errors, and that can be built upon with further plug-in development.

The company standard was to work with VS 2005-2008, building with C#, ASP.NET, ADO.NET. I also defined a major user manual and built a SDK for the company to continue WebTools growth for future requirements.

Web Designer / Developer, TNS-Smart Network

mai 2005 - octobre 2007

Designed and developed online and print marketing collateral and sales platforms for some of the company`s newest products. I also was responsible for building plug-ins on the company's WebMon product. A user and content management system for their financial transaction services, adding plug-ins and other upgrades. I also took charge in managing as well as upgrading the four of the company's other websites. My skills and experience using VS 2003-2005, C#, ADO.NET, ASP.NET, HTML/CSS, and Adobe's Creative Suite were an essential asset to the company, its team, and its final products.

Co-Founder/Lead Developer, DarkLab Productions

septembre 2003 - août 2005

One of three founders combining talents together to make a great creative team for our clients. We were a web designer/programmer, a web/graphic designer and an audio engineer, together we started DLP, where I took the role lead developer.

Working with php and mySQL, I build objects which I used to drive a guest book and a basic forum. However, my graphic, web, and flash design skills came into play more often in the 2 years I spent at the startup.

Draftsperson, Lissom Earth Sciences

novembre 2000 - mai 2002

Using self taught skills, I was responsible for drafting property boundaries of installations for client presentation. Including GPS/GIS/Maping coordinates of housing, arbor, water sources, roads, and test-pit locations as well as soil-profiles. The company could then recommend the best location for environmental utilities on the property.

I created professionally drafted documents of the project recommendations using AutoCAD, built client works database with Delphi, and often used MS Office.

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Certificate, Skebo and Associates

2010 - 2010

CPAC, Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology

2003 - 2007

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