Arthur Carey

Software Engineer
  • United States
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I am a passionate full stack developer. I am successful working in responsive, agile shops with dedicated engineers, accommodating management, and code reviews. I began programming in the early 90's writing DOS batch files on a 386. During college I worked as a part-time programmer and network engineer for my University. Upon graduation I dove into writing writing Java and .NET professionally and have since delivered applications into production written in Scala, Python, CoffeeScript, and PHP.

I've also been known to spend entire Saturdays on r/programming, Hacker News, and bouncing around


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Software Engineer

avril 2014 – Actuel

Full stack engineering for a high traffic, video streaming site with several million registered users. Built python solutions on a django/mysql/AWS stack to support geo-fencing, provisioning, and streaming of hi-definition video content.

Senior Software Engineer

octobre 2013 – février 2014

Worked a greenfield project in the financial space. Revamped a faltering project by introducing industry standard practices in project management and source control. Grew our team by 25% and managed our engineering on boarding process.

In addition to these activities I wrote from scratch a working double entry book keeping and payment processing system using the Python pyramid project and postgresql on the backend, MarionetteJS, jQuery, mocha, chai, and moment.js on deployed on Heroku

Head Technologist

février 2013 – octobre 2013

Responsible for technology at an early stage startup. Wrote, from scratch, a rich web application in python and flask over NoSQL database technology. Built out a scalable, cloud based infrastructure based on Ubuntu server to host a publicly available web application. Provided a clear road map for shedding expensive, under utilized in-house infrastructure.

In addition to provided technology expertise. was responsible for transforming an organization with .NET/WIndows/waterfall expertise in to a small. agile organization using agile methodologies and a fully open source stack. This involved realigning all existing disciplines from strategic leadership to QA and development.

Software Engineer

juin 2012 – février 2013

Lead data integration engineer. Architected a framework using CakePHP, simpletest, and scala to facilitate the integration of partner data feeds. Provided mentoring on version control, linux development and adminstration, testing, python, and software process. Aided in support and adminstration of Centos and Ubuntu installations. Contribution included a php library for plugging in partner vendors and normalizing their data(complete with 300+ unit test) and a second generation RESTful prototype written in Scala using Scalatra micro-framework and Squeryl ORM written in spare time.

Senior Software Engineer
Vistar Media

février 2012 – mai 2012

First full-time, paid employee at a startup in the Digital Out of Home Advertising industry. Used git, flask, backbone.js and chef/knife to provide development and administration support for large cloud based Ad Exchange and buying platform. During my time at this startup I personally designed our AWS development environment and apache stack, built our deployment infrastructure in AWS CloudFormation, wrote a Hadoop extension so we could process our proprietary binary logs as Map/Reduce jobs, and developed our Ad Server's notification subsystem in python.

Software Developer
Viridity Energy, Inc

novembre 2011 – février 2012

Java and Scala development at an Energy and Renewables startup. Provided expertise in front-end design, imperative/functional programming on high concurrency systems, testing methodologies, messaging, and linux administration. Primary contributions included business analysis and a 100% lines of code commit to compliance initiative for Viridity's VPower product. This enhancement guaranteed Viridity's participation in Energy Markets for which it was previously ineligible.

Nokia Location and Commerce/Navteq/

2011 – novembre 2011

Member of Core Traffic Processing Team. Responsible for building and maintaining traffic related java solutions in a primarily linux based environment. Additionally responsible for development on Agile scrum-based teams using test driven development methodologies. During my time on this team I fixed critical bugs in our road network generation platform, Re-wrote our traffic visualization tool(recognized with Navteq's IMPACT award), and provided 86% of the lines of code on a highly visible traffic quality initiative. Personal projects included side project to visualize and geo-spatially index(with Apache Solr) road encodings from Navteq's road/geometry data.

Amentra, a Red Hat Company

novembre 2008 – décembre 2010

Provided client facing JBoss and Java consulting. Consulting specialties included high availability/high throughput messaging, enterprise service bus configuration, and configuration of application server clusters. Clients included Aetna, PNC Bank, and Idexx Laboratories.

Systems Engineer
Trifecta Technologies, Inc.

octobre 2007 – novembre 2008

Responsible for the design and implementation of Java EE based web solutions. Built applications using Spring Framework, iBatis, Hibernate and managed deployments on Websphere application servers.

Computer Aid, Inc.

juin 2005 – octobre 2007

Participated in all facets of the Systems Development Life Cycle. Was involved in R&D to build testing methodologies around the Rational Unified Process. Built and maintained .Net build/install utilities. Configured and managed Rational ClearCase environments for large, distributed teams.

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Penn State University

2001 – 2005


Sun Certified Java Programmer 1.5

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GitHub, avr. 2012 - oct. 2012

Application to determine the minimum space in which an object will fit - useful when moving furniture.

GitHub, juin 2012

Scala Demo

GitHub, mai 2012 - oct. 2012; suivi par 3 personnes

Scala Exercises from odersky's book

GitHub, juil. 2012 - août 2012

A wireless status widget for awesome

GitHub, mai 2012 - juin 2012

admin stuff bash scripts and what have you

GitHub, mai 2012

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