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Loki Astari

Seattle, WA, United States

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Actuellement Director Of Engineering chez Moz.


A position where I can contribute directly to the software development processes (architectural design and hands on coding) while at the same time mentoring, guiding junior team members in coding and best practices and supervising validating decisions of senior team members.


Experienced with managing multiple teams and projects towards common architectural and organizational goals. Amazon certified SCRUM Master and agile proponent. Responsible for team performance, project completion, requirements analysis, design, defect impact evaluation, deliverable, and time-frame negotiation. Successfully managed to balance user requirements against scope creep and project time line.


  • Team/Project Management: Worked directly with CTO to define organizational goals, defined organizational architectural goals
  • SCRUM Master: Full application life cycle, 'OO' Design/Development
  • Big Data: Processing Huge volumes of Data (Peta Bytes), use of Map Reduce and SOA
  • Design Patterns: Reusable components design, parallel optimizing techniques
  • Build Framework (Build/Test/Report): Distributed Service Based Application
  • Experience with highly parallel systems and designs.

Development Languages:

• C++ (20 years) • C (24 years) • Perl (6 years) • HTML/CSS/Javascript (5 years) • PHP (4 years) • SQL (10 years) • UNIX shells (24 years)


Expérience afficher tout

Director Of Engineering, Moz

juillet 2011 - Actuel

Feb 2013:Director of Big Data

Took on architectural/lead/management role of all "Big Data" operations. Responsible of aligning "Big Data" architectural requirements with new product requirements and coordinating Big Data with Inbound marketing and Analytic teams.

Jul 2012:Manager Scheduler/Crawler Teams

Took on management of Scheduler and Crawler team. Led the architectural re-design of the scheduler system to increase schedule size/maintain politeness/provide feedback and add the ability to tune how the scheduler works dynamically.

Doubled the size of the schedule without increasing crawl time. The original schedule was constrained by politeness and parallelism dropped measurably during crawl, while the new schedule maintaining a diversity of usable domains to maintain parallelism.

Jul 2011:Lead Crawler system

Brought in to stabilize and improve crawler. Added monitoring and metrics generation to identify where the actual issues were and measure changes as code was fixed. Increased crawl velocity from 200 million to 800 million URLs per day while maintaining error rate and politeness.

Senior Lead SDE, Microsoft

mars 2009 - juin 2011

Mobile Coupon Service:

Designed and built original prototyping for the project; subsequently managed 4 developers and organized the larger team including 3 testers and 4 pms during implementation. Instrumental in cross team integration planning and deployment with the other service’s team leads.

The project was originally designed for geo-location in 3 data-centers over 2 continents and integrated with several existing major services: Generic Ad-Server, Mobile Ad Provider, Coupon Creation Portal for Advertiser.

The coupon service consisted of two new services: Service1 which performs user coupon management and tracked/throttled coupon issue on a per user basis; Service2 which is a coupon minting services that provided uniquely identifiable (and traceable) coupon images on the fly.


mars 2007 - mars 2009

Data Collection Layer:

Senior developer of the team: Defined a high level API for guaranteeing the complete delivery of all ‘accounting relevant information’ from multiple client services. The API was designed to replace the previous tightly coupled CRON/Perl system and evenly distribute load, reducing peak Data Base load by 90%.

Accounting Domain Language:

In conjunction with another senior developer, defined a domain specific language for accounting. The goal was to provide an easy to read/use declarative language for mapping business events to the ‘Chart of Accounts’. A prototype service that utilizes the language has demonstrated that it was as efficient as the current code, and additionally provides a GUI interface for viewing/modifying and testing new constructs.

Principle Software Engineer, Symantic (formerly VERITAS)

décembre 2001 - mars 2007

Licensing Agent:

Involved from project conception; managed requirements gathering, design and organization of resources during implementation. The Licensing Agent is a CORBA service implemented in C++ that became a standard component for all Symantec products.

System Infrastructure:

Managed the simultaneous delivery of 5 "Open Source" products across 25 platform configurations. Organized the delivery schedule of internal releases to product development teams, prioritized and tracked the closure of known defects.

Build System:

Implemented the initial upgrade to provide a consistent reproducible build of "System Infrastructure" doubling the support platforms and reducing build time by 50%. Negotiated the re-deployment of resources from all build-system ‘stake holders’, making this a permanent project.

Formation afficher tout

PhD Computer Science ABD, Manchester University

1992 - 1994

Ported the SISAL compiler to the 64 processor, distributed memory KSR-1. Added compile time analysis of the interaction of hardware and software memory management for multi-threaded processes in order to provide timely pre-movement of data between processors at run time to avoid processor stalls.

MSc Computer Science, Manchester University

1990 - 1992

Modified the code generation phase of the SISAL compiler to produce efficient code for multidimensional array access. Extended the code generation phase to handle higher order functions and partial function closures.

BSc Computer Science, Manchester University

1987 - 1990

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GitHub, mai 2012 - oct. 2014; suivi par 2 personnes

Generic build a test harness using make.



GitHub, avr. 2012 - oct. 2014; suivi par 31 personnes; forké 13 fois

C++ Serialization library for JSON



GitHub, avr. 2012 - oct. 2014

All Unix config files


This is my UNIX config. Its just an easy way to install my UNIX config on any new machines.