Rachel Keslensky

User Experience Developer
Last Res0rt Studios
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As a lifelong geek, I’ve seen it all! I know the thrill of finding that diamond in the rough. I’ve seen far too many incredibly vapid products become success stories. Want to know what the difference is between these two things?

Making a great product requires skill. Selling that great product requires a different skill.

If people have trouble figuring out what you have? If people have trouble what it can do for them? They’ll buy someone else’s product. If they buy it, but have trouble figuring out how to use it? They’ll switch to someone else’s product.

My job is to make it clear what you do and what you offer. Ever heard of the 10x “rockstar” programmer? The one that produces 10x the output of everyone else? User experience (UX) designers produce 2x-100x return on investment (ROI). Imagine what you could do with 100x of what you have now…

  • I’m a UX Designer.
  • I know how to code.
  • I know how to communicate.
  • I know how to provide killer visuals.
  • I know how to present ideas.
  • I know how to sell.

In short, I know how to give you want you want.

I’m always looking for a new challenge. I’d love to find a company looking to take their UX to the next level. Is your company willing to pay more than lip service to user experience? Are you ready to solve your problems? Feel free to contact me directly at rach@lid.cc.


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User Experience Developer
Last Res0rt Studios

avril 2007 – Actuel

  • Successfully funded first Kickstarter, exceeding funding goals by over 50%.
  • Created, authored, and illustrated the Last Res0rt comic, continuously publishing a page a week for the past five years.
  • Organized, designed the layout, and published multiple books, including a 172-page trade paperback of the first volume of Last Res0rt, as well as a role-playing game (RPG) sourcebook.
  • Developed the Last Res0rt website using the Wordpress content management system, including customizing with PHP, HTML, and CSS, as well as installing and setting up Wordpress plugins, along with adding Responsive Web Design features to optimize site for tablets and smartphones.
  • Implemented the social media marketing strategy for Last Res0rt, including accounts and pages on Facebook, Twitter, TV Tropes, Google+, Comixpedia, Furaffinity, DeviantArt, Tumblr, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Digg, Formspring, SurveyMonkey, and MailChimp, signing up hundreds of subscribers.
  • Developed multiple merchandise products including buttons, posters, t-shirts, and bottle openers.

Usability Specialist
Dynamic Marketing Systems (DMS)

mai 2011 – août 2014

  • Collaborated on the design and development of the company website as well as client websites, which included: theme selection; theme modification using PHP and CSS coding; site structure; content inventory; evaluation, installation, and setup of multiple Wordpress plugins.
  • Worked in an advisory capacity for establishing effective social media utilization for the company’s accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+.
  • Contributed marketing rules and guidelines for using QR codes in print-to-mobile interactions.
  • Evaluated the applicability and presented recommendations to Dynamic Marketing Systems on numerous web-based applications (e.g. Onlywire, Ifttt, MailChimp, Engage121, and Wordpress) for their own potential usage and for applicability for usage in client engagements.
  • Contributed and developed multiple email campaigns, including client’s internal email newsletters for large international paper firm and promotional campaigns.
  • Performed orientation and training for recently-hired DMS employee.
  • Modified multiple templates, including input data mapping from industry-specific clients, to be dynamically populated at time of purchase for on-demand printed advertisements.
  • Converted client data between client systems for financial firm.

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Master of Science in Human-Computer Interaction
Georgia Institute of Technology

2010 – 2012

3.62 GPA

  • Collaborated on concept art and asset development for Mermaids massively multiplayer online (MMO) game, along with designing the interface for the game, which involved analyzing user requirements and comparable interfaces to produce a design document for later development.
  • Developed website redesign for Campus Community Partnership Foundationʻs Servicebook.org.
  • Contributed poster designs for presentations for multiple classes and team projects.
  • Collaborated on design, requirements, and prototypes in Balsamiq for potluck social network.
  • Served as SGA Graduate Senator.
  • Honorable Mention - eBay Hackathon @ Georgia Tech

Bachelor of Science
Georgia Institute of Technology

2004 – 2008

  • Contributed to development on educational dinosaur game developed with the Unreal engine, involving significant rigging of 3D models in Maya.
  • Contributed and designed the front end of an Ant Farm simulator, developed in Java/Swing.


Udacity - Front End Web Developer Nanodegree (FEND)

2015 – 2016

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GitHub, mai 2014 - mars 2015

Quick little game developed in a weekend for a hackathon. Only posting it here to prove I can in fact make an iOS app.

Modified a youtube tutorial in order to make this game in an afternoon -- I was able to put it together in only a few hours (including visual assets!) and demo it later that evening!

GitHub, juin 2014

Followed along with the course materials to make the project functional. Learned how to use SpriteBuilder.

GitHub, juil. 2014


GitHub, oct. 2014

An Android application to help kids pair up in a coder dojo event.

GitHub, janv. 2015 - mars 2015

A simple watchface app for the Pebble, based on the CloudPebble Watchface Tutorial. Done as a commission for AstroWolf.

GitHub, mars 2015

Reflections Repository for Udacity's Git and Github course.

Mostly just some text files added in while working on Udacity's Git / GitHub course.

GitHub, mars 2015

Intro Project for Udacity's Front-End Developer Nanodegree.

GitHub, mars 2015

GitHub, avr. 2015

GitHub, avr. 2015

A portfolio site coded up with HTML and CSS for the Udacity Front-End Developer Nanodegree

GitHub, mai 2015 - juil. 2015

GitHub, juil. 2015 - nov. 2015

GitHub, nov. 2015

A small project done alongside Udacity's "JavaScript Design Patterns" course.

GitHub, nov. 2015 - Actuel

Developed for Project 5-1 of the Udacity Front-End Web Developer Nanodegree

GitHub, janv. 2016 - Actuel

GitHub, janv. 2016 - Actuel

A Bonus Project from Udacity's Front-End Web Developer Nanodegree -- learning Backbone.js in the process!

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