Description de l'emploi

We're looking for a full-time Ruby on Rails developer to help us improve and expand various proprietary technologies that power - including some bleeding-edge tech that we can’t mention here because it’s patent-pending.

  • Improve the scope, performance, and feature set of Bonanza’s core technologies using Ruby, Rails and (occasionally) C++
  • Take ownership of some juicy tech projects, and collaborate regularly with the other world-class Rails coders on our dev team
  • Use the website and tools regularly and contribute your own ideas and insights on how we can make it better

Compétences et exigences

We’re looking for a mid- to senior-level Rails dev that has the experience and confidence to work through novel challenges. You should be comfortable receiving high-level direction and then having the doggedness to build a solid solution in the best way you can think of. (No micromanagement here.)

Because we’re a small and close-knit team, attitude is a critical element in our selection process. The ideal candidate will be able to speak both "geek" and "human," and will approach problems with a "can-do" attitude.

À propos de is a fast-growing online marketplace of more than 7 million items, where sellers offer everything from Isometric sunglasses to Bieber perfume. Our platform empowers more than 29,000 entrepreneurs, and we have a great time building it.

In addition to a very competitive salary, Bonanza offers the following perks:

  • "Work from home Wednesday" - every Wednesday we get to work from home, coffee shops, or wherever suits us
  • "Freedom February" - every February we retreat from the gloom of Seattle winter and work from a remote tropical locale. So far we've been to Costa Rica and Oahu. Next year we're eyeing Nicaragua.
  • Fast growing (averaged 50-100% yearly growth over 5 years), and already-profitable company. It's fun to work for a winner.
  • Work from a waterfront office in downtown Seattle (food trucks aplenty!)
  • 1-hour massage on site each month
  • All employees get fully paid health insurance coverage, vacation benefits, holidays, stock options, and more.

Score au Test de Joel : 11 sur 12

Le Test de Joel est une méthode d'évaluation en douze questions de la qualité d'une équipe de développement.

  • Utilisez-vous un gestionnaire de code source ?
  • Pouvez-vous compiler une nouvelle version en une étape ?
  • Créez-vous de nouvelles versions tous les jours ?
  • Possédez-vous une base de données des bugs ?
  • Corrigez-vous les bugs avant d'écrire de nouvelles fonctionnalités ?
  • Avez-vous un calendrier à jour ?
  • Avez-vous un cahier des charges ?
  • Les développeurs travaillent-ils dans le calme ?
  • Utilisez-vous les meilleurs outils disponibles sur le marché ?
  • Avez-vous des testeurs ?
  • Les candidats écrivent-ils du code au cours de leur entretien ?
  • Effectuez-vous des tests d'ergonomie ?

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