Description de l'emploi

SpinGo is currently seeking Senior Software Engineers and App Developers. 

Brief overview of tech:

  • Scala (lean heavily towards the functional paradigm)
  • Spray, akka, slick. (Slick is amazing! see:­)
  • ElasticSearch cluster
  • UNIX philosophy applied services and apps
  • We're reactive
  • Continuous deployment, lean-manufacturing process, etc.

Employment Perks

  • Great office location near the tech-hub of Utah
  • Health, dental, and vision plans
  • 6 paid holidays; 18 days PTO
  • Flexible full-time work schedule
  • Autonomous culture
  • Work on a meaningful product that gets people off the couch

We're funded, we're hyped, we're diverse, we're going places. Join us!

Job is on-site, Draper, Utah. Relocation compensation options are available if you’re open to enjoying Utah’s beautiful backyard. If you're local and curious, let's talk over lunch, climbing, your kid's sports game, beer, etc. If you’re not local, reach out and let’s schedule a Google hangout. LinkedIn profile preferred over a resume.

Compétences et exigences

4+ years engineering experience

  • Experience with the JVM (groovy, clojure, java, etc.)
  • Naturally, Scala experience is highly valued.
  • College projects can be considered

Open source contributions

1+ years experience developing in the functional programming paradigm, any language.

Experience with common service-oriented patterns: message queues, async systems, fault-tolerance, etc.

À propos de SpinGo

SpinGo builds web and mobile products that help millions of people across the country discover local events and keeps them in the know with what’s going on around them. We live by the philosophy: Get out and do something!

Our Culture

At SpinGo, our goals are simple. We create extraordinary user experiences. We solve complex problems with elegant solutions. We do events better than anybody else. Period.

SpinGo provides flexibility in work schedules, in exchange for a dedicated commitment to the company’s success. We believe in always doing the best work with integrity; play hard, work hard, earn success. We solve problems creatively and are always exploring new ideas. We believe that nothing is ever final, because innovation is continual.

Our Product:

  • Nation's best event database
  • +1,000 partners from coast-to-coast
  • Developing revolutionary products that boost us even further past the competition
  • Garnering significant attention from behemoth sized companies

Our Philosophy:

  • Continuous delivery
  • Lean software (small batch sizes, decide late, release early, release often)
  • Every product initiative should empower learning
  • Tightly knit teams: we personally recruit and build relationships; we’re a family!
  • Work is a socially rewarding place
  • Commitment to open source: We contribute back. 

Score au Test de Joel : 12 sur 12

Le Test de Joel est une méthode d'évaluation en douze questions de la qualité d'une équipe de développement.

  • Utilisez-vous un gestionnaire de code source ?
  • Pouvez-vous compiler une nouvelle version en une étape ?
  • Créez-vous de nouvelles versions tous les jours ?
  • Possédez-vous une base de données des bugs ?
  • Corrigez-vous les bugs avant d'écrire de nouvelles fonctionnalités ?
  • Avez-vous un calendrier à jour ?
  • Avez-vous un cahier des charges ?
  • Les programmeurs travaillent-ils dans le calme ?
  • Utilisez-vous les meilleurs outils disponibles sur le marché ?
  • Avez-vous des testeurs ?
  • Les candidats écrivent-ils du code au cours de leur entretien ?
  • Effectuez-vous des tests d'ergonomie ?

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