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Fog Creek Software New York, NY (permet le télétravail) (frais de déménagement pris en charge)

Description de l'emploi

As a programmer at Fog Creek Software, you will help design, develop, and implement the code for our award winning products.

We're happy to consider remote applicants. So, whether you're near Fog Creek headquarters in New York or happily settled in Crested Butte, CO, you may be the perfect addition to the team.

We do not hire based on a specific list of buzzwords, technologies, or popular acronyms on your resume. Right now we use C#, JavaScript, XHTML, LESS and even Wasabi (an in-house .NET language) to develop FogBugz. Kiln uses C#, JavaScript and Python; Trello uses CoffeeScript, Node.js, and Backbone.js. We even have some legacy code written in VBScript. Tomorrow we may be using something completely new.

Whatever technologies, languages, or development environments you've been using, we expect you have mastered them in depth, and we expect that you will be able to master any technology, language, or development environment that we need in the future.

Compétences et exigences


  • Incredible coding skills. Your programming ability is way above average, as demonstrated by a continuous string of successful projects.
  • Excellent command of written and spoken English
  • Remote allowed

À propos de Fog Creek Software

About Fog Creek Software:

Fog Creek is a small, entrepreneurial software company in New York City founded in 2000. Our key products are FogBugz, Kiln, Trello, WebPutty and Copilot; all have been very successful. We bootstrapped ourselves without outside investment and have been profitable from the beginning.

Here are some things we believe in:

  • No command-and-control management: You set your own path. Define your own goals. Grow your skills in a way that satisfies you (while still achieving team objectives, of course). Through it all, management is here to support, not dictate.
  • Treat the customer right: We always do right by our paying customers. For instance, if they aren’t satisfied for any reason, we give them their money back, even if similar companies don’t. This ethic permeates all we do, from customer support to sales to the way we design our products.
  • Respect the flow: Every creative thinker knows the value of being “in the flow.” At Fog Creek, you will get an office with a door that closes. If you are in the flow and don’t want to be interrupted, we get that, and you won’t be.
  • We really mean collaboration: Ever had the experience of throwing your designs over “The Wall” and then watching it disintegrate? Fog Creek takes collaboration seriously. You will work one-on-one with hyper-talented developers and escort every last detail of your designs through to release.

About Working Remotely: 

All of Fog Creek's technical teams are geographically distributed. Every meeting takes place online (using chatrooms and Google Hangouts), and almost all of our work-related communication takes place on the Internet. That means that you can work from almost anywhere in the world, provided:

  • You have access to broadband, stable, low-latency Internet, suitable for videoconferencing
  • You have a dedicated, quiet place to work
  • Your workday overlaps New York afternoons (1700 - 2200 GMT)
  • We have a way to pay you legally wherever you live

Score au Test de Joel : 12 sur 12

Le Test de Joel est une méthode d'évaluation en douze questions de la qualité d'une équipe de développement.

  • Utilisez-vous un gestionnaire de code source ?
  • Pouvez-vous compiler une nouvelle version en une étape ?
  • Créez-vous de nouvelles versions tous les jours ?
  • Possédez-vous une base de données des bugs ?
  • Corrigez-vous les bugs avant d'écrire de nouvelles fonctionnalités ?
  • Avez-vous un calendrier à jour ?
  • Avez-vous un cahier des charges ?
  • Les programmeurs travaillent-ils dans le calme ?
  • Utilisez-vous les meilleurs outils disponibles sur le marché ?
  • Avez-vous des testeurs ?
  • Les candidats écrivent-ils du code au cours de leur entretien ?
  • Effectuez-vous des tests d'ergonomie ?

Comment postuler

Find a 9 letter string of characters that contains only letters from


such that the hash(the_string) is


if hash is defined by the following pseudo-code:

Int64 hash (String s) { Int64 h = 7 String letters = "acdegilmnoprstuw" for(Int32 i = 0; i < s.length; i++) { h = (h * 37 + letters.indexOf(s[i])) } return h }

For example, if we were trying to find the 7 letter string where hash(the_string) was 680131659347, the answer would be "leepadg".)

To apply, please email with your solution as the first word in the subject line. Include any code you used to solve the problem as an attachment, and also send us a current resume in HTML, Word, Plain Text or PDF format. In the body of the email please explain why you would be a good fit for this job. If you have a website, send us the URL!


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20 + Vacation Days100% Covered Health Insurance + Unlimited Sick DaysGym ReimbursementDaily Catered Lunches + Free Snacks And Drinks + Beer Bash FridaysUnlimited MetrocardFlex Work HoursCompetitive Salaries + Matching 401k + Profit Sharing PlanGenerous Parental Leave PlanPrivate Offices + Aeron chairs + Adjustable Height Work StationsAll-Expense-Paid Technical Conferences

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