Senior Software Engineer (Java)

TapCommerce New York, NY (frais de déménagement pris en charge)

Description de l'emploi

Hadoop. Redis. Jenkins. Chef. Netty. The Cloud. Machine Learning. No, this isn't just a list of tech buzzwords. These are just some of the technologies we work with every day. 

TapCommerce is looking for the world’s best Senior Software Engineers to join us full time and make a huge impact on a very small team.  We're looking for engineers who want to drive adoption of new technologies that they’ve always wanted to work with. We're a small, agile team that moves very quickly and is constantly shipping code.

We have a ton of interesting technical problems to solve in areas like big data, mobile, and high-volume /low-latencysystems. You’ll gain exposure to bleeding edge technologies and have a chance to make a big impact on a growing business.

Compétences et exigences

  • Strong object-oriented coding skills, particularly with Java
  • Ability to quickly pick up and run with new technologies
  • Experience in developing backend technologies (e.g. APIs, web applications)
  • Passion for software engineering best practices (e.g. unit/functional tests, scalability, scrum)
  • 3+ years of professional experience
  • Excellent communication skills
  • B.S. in Computer Science or related field
  • Even better if you have:

  • Knowledge of, or a keen interest in, the mobile technology space•Building, architecting, and developing high-volume /low-latency systems
  • Building, architecting, and developing high-volume /low-latency systems
  • Big data technologies like Hadoop, Hive,and NoSQL
  • AWS or other cloud server platforms
  • Habit of analyzing problems analytically with data
  • Experience or interest in data mining and machine learning
  • Willingness to lose gracefully at ping pong
  • Experience in developing backend technologies (e.g. APIs, web applications)
  • Passion for software engineering best practices (e.g. scalability, scrum, unit/functional tests)
  • Excellent communication skills
  • 4+ years of professional experience
  • B.S. in Computer Science or related field
  • Even better if you have:

  • Experience sending data to HDFS using log frameworks (Flume preferred)
  • Expertise with Cloudera’s Hadoop services
  • Ability to scale and optimize Redis cache clusters
  • Background in the ad tech or high-volume / low-latency space
  • Willingness to lose gracefully at ping pong

À propos de TapCommerce

TapCommerce is growing fast after recently announcing a $10.5M Investment from Bain Capital Ventures, RRE Ventures and Nielsen.

TapCommerce is the global leader in mobile app retargeting, working with over 35 of the Top 100 grossing mobile applications. TapCommerce is headquartered in New York City's Union Square with offices in San Francisco and London.

Score au Test de Joel : 11 sur 12

Le Test de Joel est une méthode d'évaluation en douze questions de la qualité d'une équipe de développement.

  • Utilisez-vous un gestionnaire de code source ?
  • Pouvez-vous compiler une nouvelle version en une étape ?
  • Créez-vous de nouvelles versions tous les jours ?
  • Possédez-vous une base de données des bugs ?
  • Corrigez-vous les bugs avant d'écrire de nouvelles fonctionnalités ?
  • Avez-vous un calendrier à jour ?
  • Avez-vous un cahier des charges ?
  • Les développeurs travaillent-ils dans le calme ?
  • Utilisez-vous les meilleurs outils disponibles sur le marché ?
  • Avez-vous des testeurs ?
  • Les candidats écrivent-ils du code au cours de leur entretien ?
  • Effectuez-vous des tests d'ergonomie ?

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Senior Software Engineer (Java) chez TapCommerce - Java