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Description de l'emploi

We will be looking for a passionate developer to join us in the new year and help us bring new products to market and find creative ways to build and enhance systems that solve our financial clients’ needs. We expect a Senior Developer to mentor and lead other developers, as well as add to our technology teams skill set that ranges from deep technology knowledge to start-up experience to financial systems knowledge.

Our Business

Our systems help manage billion-dollar portfolios, feed complex quantitative financial models, and fuel the sales and trading desks of the world's largest investment banks. We give our teams the freedom to use the tools and languages that they need to solve the problems inherent in these systems.

Due to our rapid business growth since launching our products in 2005, we have grown our development teams both in our London office and remotely. We offer a fun, challenging, and rewarding working environment and the opportunity to work with world-class talent to help you build a world-class career.

Our Technologies

Our systems are written primarily in Scala and Java on the server-side, and for our web-apps, we largely develop rich front-ends using Javascript and tools like Backbone, js and Bootstrap. We integrate into MySQL and MongoDB databases, as well as MQ services and our continuous delivery infrastructure. We contribute into the open source community, and you can browse our work here: As well as hear our thoughts about this and everything else on our blog here:

Our Process

We enter new markets using a lean start-up approach based on minimum viable products. We believe discipline allows us to go faster. We use agile development techniques such as test-driven development, pair-programming, and continuous delivery. We actively seek to learn and improve through retrospectives, lightning talks, and various meet-ups that we host in our offices. We expect our developers to care about how to design software and systems that our clients will love, and will want to solve their problems quickly and iteratively seeking creative ways to build valued systems.

Compétences et exigences

Essential Attributes / Skills:

  • Solid and proven coding background in any domain / language
  • Use of and interest in open-source software
  • Willingness to work in an environment that reflects and adapts to our clients' needs and market demands
  • Excellent communication and inter-personal skills
  • Diverse technology knowledge and a sense of curiosity to explore new and better ways to solve problems  

Ideal Attributes:

  • Expertise in both Java and Scala languages, ecosystems, and programming paradigms
  • Expertise in building rich-client web front-ends using Javascript tools and libraries
  • Strong command of testing techniques like TDD and BDD
  • Experience in bringing new products to market
  • Contributions (e.g. bug fixes) to libraries and development tools that you have used
  • Experience / interest in the finance sector
  • "Hobby Project" of interest / open-source contributor

À propos de TIM Group

TIM Group generates new revenue for administrators, brokers, and other customers.  They trust us with their data and intellectual property, which we analyse, evaluate, and deliver to investors. 

Hedge funds, funds of hedge funds (FoHF)s, and more traditional asset managers use the information to identify market-beating opportunities, and to reward the contributors accordingly.

For several years we have delivered market-beating analysis to investors in the best positions to take action, while ensuring that our contributors are duly compensated for their efforts.  We are trusted partners to both investors and service providers.

Score au Test de Joel : 11 sur 12

Le Test de Joel est une méthode d'évaluation en douze questions de la qualité d'une équipe de développement.

  • Utilisez-vous un gestionnaire de code source ?
  • Pouvez-vous compiler une nouvelle version en une étape ?
  • Créez-vous de nouvelles versions tous les jours ?
  • Possédez-vous une base de données de bugs ?
  • Corrigez-vous les bugs avant d'écrire de nouvelles fonctionnalités ?
  • Avez-vous un calendrier à jour ?
  • Avez-vous un cahier des charges ?
  • Les développeurs travaillent-ils dans le calme ?
  • Utilisez-vous les meilleurs outils disponibles sur le marché ?
  • Avez-vous des testeurs ?
  • Les candidats écrivent-ils du code au cours de leur entretien ?
  • Effectuez-vous des tests d'ergonomie ?

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Architect/Senior Developer and Leader – Scala, Java Backbone, js, Bootstrap chez TIM Group - Java