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Jesse Rusak

Boston, MA, United States

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Actuellement Technical Lead - Mobile chez Hopper.

I delight in the complexities of programming. Whether I'm tweaking low-level code, designing a UI, or architecting a large system, I love to slice problems to bits.

Since I started writing adventure games and fractal-generation programs in junior high, I've been hooked on programming. I've written code to solve differential equations, analyze brain electrical activity, and entertain cats using lasers.

At jobs with Electronic Arts and North Knight Software, I developed UI libraries in ECMAScript, real-time machine-learning algorithms in C++ and websites in various web languages. At MindSea, I'm leading the technical side of a team creating best-of-breed mobile apps.

During high school, I went to (and then taught at) an acting camp. Before going into math and computer science at university, I nearly became an actor. As a result, I actually enjoy working with others, and I can stand in front of a crowd without (much) fear.

I'm happiest as the "get stuff done" guy. From student council to programming contests, I've always been the person behind the scenes who organized people and made sure everything worked out.

I'm a vegetarian, I like dogs, and I get funny looks in the mall because I bring my own plate to avoid throwing out styrofoam.


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Technical Lead - Mobile, Hopper

août 2013 - Actuel

Technical Lead, MindSea Development Inc.

mai 2010 - juin 2013

At MindSea, I helped lead a team that developed mobile apps, focusing on iPhone and iPad. We worked with clients all over North America to create world-class apps for their business, ranging from simple data-browsing apps to rich multimedia experiences.

CTO/Developer, North Knight Software

septembre 2008 - mai 2010

As one of North Knight's three founders, I've done the whole contract-software process from hunting for clients to shipping code at the end of the day.

For web-based projects, I've worked with Drupal, straight PHP, Django and Google's fantastic App Engine. I've also worked on the client-side of things using the usual HTML/CSS/JS gang.

On other platforms, I've developed iPhone apps, 3D Mac apps in C++, Python code for psychological tests, and Quartz Composer modules. I've even helped clients choose hardware for touchscreen kiosks and built small electronics projects.

As we're a tiny company, I've also done all the other things like answering the phone, going to meetings, writing proposals, creating design documents and, of course, reckoning with the finances.

Software Engineer 2, Electronic Arts Montreal

septembre 2006 - août 2008

At EA, I was part of a team that shipped three titles for Nintendo's Wii. My responsibilities were initially focused on UI programming and design. In this role, I developed menu systems and HUD elements, designed to streamline the player's experience and comply with Nintendo's standards. As part of this, I ended up dipping my toes into nearly every game system in order to connect them to the UI.

Near the end of shipping my first title, I decided to write a shared library to add consistency and polish to the menu system while removing much of the grunt work. This code was subsequently adopted by several other teams within the company.

During work on the next game, I was put in charge of localization during the final phase of the project. This meant I was responsible for coordinating with several remote and local teams to hit our deadlines during the final rush-to-completion.

For the last project I worked on at EA, I focused primarily on gameplay. This included the development of an algorithm using machine learning techniques to interpret the player's wild waving of the Wii remote as dance moves. I also acted as a mentor for several new team members and helped oversee work done in most areas of the codebase.


Bachelor's of Computer Science (Hons.), Dalhousie University

2001 - 2005

At Dalhousie, I was consistently at the top of my class, finishing with an overall GPA of 4.27 out of a possible 4.3. I received a first class honours degree with distinction and won the university medal in computer science.

During my undergraduate degree, I held three research awards which focused on two topics: numerical integration of differential equations and using electrical readings from the brain to control a computer. The latter was accomplished using machine learning technology, and became my honours thesis.

I also held two co-op positions during my degree. At the first, I worked on a PHP-based CMS for the computer science faculty at Dalhousie. The second was at Martec working on their flagship blast-analysis tool, Chinook.

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Here are some open-source projects I've ported to the Mac:

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Still want more? Here are a few other things about me: I spent six months in Kenya after finishing university, during which time I volunteered at an orphanage, helped with farming and taught kids acting. I speak decent French. I'm a big fan of RPGs. I enjoy martial arts and I'm currently getting into Capoeira and acrobatics.