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Developing applications, system, frameworks, tools etc. is not only a task for me, but development is a passion for me. Since my early youth I enjoy writing source code. During my whole studies at the Hasso Plattner Institute in Potsdam I took jobs where I had the opportunity to learn something new and to improve my development skills. My skills are not only limited to the ability of implementing applications, but include as well an excellent expertise in designing architectures. During my PhD I had the great opportunity to be part of a new research branch, in-memory database management systems and I was able to graduate summa cum laude from HPI.

I love challenges!


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Post Doc
University of Fribourg

novembre 2012 – Actuel

I acquired a research grant from SAP to research on how to bridge the gap between traditional relational database systems and graph database. The goal of my research project is to tightly integrate query execution and storage for both kinds of data inside a single in-memory database engine.

Research Assistant

2008 – novembre 2012

During my work as a research assistent at the chair for enterprise systems and integration concepts I develop a main memory database prototype that allows for vertical partitioning of tables in main memory based on a given workload.

In particular I'm optimizing the layout of the tables to provide the best solution for the given workload. Furthermore the prototype involves optimizations for parallel scalability and architectural properties of the hardware system (e.g. NUMA)


avril 2007 – mars 2008

Development of business planing applications using Microsoft Excel and a main memory database. We connected Microsoft Excel to a prototype of a main memory database engine and imported transactional customer data to perform business planning on.

Furthermore I was responsible to implement a SQL and MDX compiler that will translate incoming SQL/ MDX queries into the native query language of the main-memory database.


2007 – 2008

Development of plugins for Eclipse to generate web-service clients based on the SAP Netweaver architecture. The work incorporated designing import wizards and integrate the libraries for code generation.

The plugin integrated into the standard web service framework of the Eclipse web development toolkit.

Travel IQ

juillet 2006 – avril 2007

Back-end development

Design and implement architecture to perform meta-search for travel items (e.g. flights, hotel, rental cars). The different data models per original search site were normalized and combined into a common schema. This architecture was implemented using ruby on rails and mysql. I was responsible to implement the parallel search and the combined meta model.

Front-end development

My task was to implement a client side JavaScript application that would trigger the back-end search process.

SAP Labs, France

septembre 2005 – avril 2006

Development of a GIS application that displays the real-time position of firefighters during a mission on a map for operational control. New units could be dispatched and re-routed to different locations, directly updating there navigation information.

The work was done during a 6 month internship at SAP Research in cooperation with the fire department Alpes-Maritime, France.

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Ph.D. Computer Science

2008 – Actuel

Third-party funded research position. Thesis advisor are SAP co-founder Hasso-Plattner, Samuel Madden (MIT), Volker Markl (TU Berlin)

Graduated with summa cum laude.

M.S. IT Systems Engineering

2007 – 2008

Finished with grade very-good (1.3)

B.S. Software Engineering

2002 – 2007

Finished with grade good (2.0). The goal of the bachelor project was to establish a system that allows performance modelling at system design time. The system was built using Java and allowed to connect different components mimicking different performance characteristics to estimate the final system performance.

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GitHub, févr. 2013 - janv. 2016; suivi par 54 personnes; forké 39 fois

HYRISE In-Memory Hybrid Storage Engine

Role: Lead Architect

I developed the first version of HYRISE during my PhD dissertation and am now actively contributing to this project as part of my ongoing research.

GitHub, févr. 2012 - Actuel; suivi par 365 personnes; forké 56 fois

Making Sublime Text 2 more Emacs awesome

Project Lead

GitHub, juin 2008 - févr. 2013; suivi par 15 personnes; forké 2 fois

The goal of this project is to make maintaining references in LaTeX documents easier by using a standard database and the given Bibtex entries from this database.

I developed this project back in 2008 for my master's thesis and am currently using it throughout all my research papers. Furthermore, I ported a tight integration of this tool into Textmate, Sublime Text, and Emacs.

GitHub, avr. 2008 - avr. 2015; suivi par 4 personnes; forké 2 fois

A SlimTimer commandline interface

GitHub, janv. 2011 - juin 2011; suivi par 4 personnes

Provides a basic parser for the system topology and cache information stored in /sys/devices/system/cpu