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Xander Dumaine

Raleigh, NC, United States

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Actuellement Software Engineer, JavaScript Developer chez Interactive Intelligence.

I've always been a problem solver and a thinker. When I discovered software engineering, it was a perfect fit. I could learn a new language, learn about how and why computers work they way they do, and I could change it, fix it, and improve it. Every time I learn a new tool, pattern or skill, I can't wait to find the perfect project to use it. However, while writing great code is a skill, designing great software is a skill-set. I always step back and think about why the tool, pattern, or language may or may not be suitable to the problem.

I'm constantly trying to figure out what I don't know, then learn it. This attitude fuels my passion to solve problems and design solutions.


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Software Engineer, JavaScript Developer, Interactive Intelligence

mai 2014 - Actuel

Software Developer, RoviSys

juin 2012 - mai 2014

My responsibilities at RoviSys were primarily software development. In addition to working on custom software solutions for process automation and custom report generation, I worked on in-house applications to fix bugs, implement new features, and test software. I spent a lot of time developing cross platform HTML5/javascript based mobile applications.

My focus was web development, from an in-house web system and the company website, to data visualization web-solutions for customers, to high-availability, cloud-based MVC+knockout web applications. For frontend and client services, I worked with javascript, jQuery, and knockout. For backend services, I worked extensively in Visual Studio using C# and ASP.NET MVC, as well as VB.NET, SQL Server, PI, Processbook, and iHistorian.

Student Developer, Sundries Solutions

juin 2011 - août 2011

During my time at Sundries, I have been a valuable addition as a developer, to take the maintenance and site administration burden from my manager, who is a small business owner. I've been able to solve problems through research and testing on my own, saving him time and money. Additionally, I help to research and develop enhancements to his product, a combination of CRM, CMS, and web conferencing.

College Intern - IT, Marathon Petroleum

janvier 2011 - juin 2011

I was part of an effort coordinating migration from SharePoint 2003 into a customized SharePoint 2007 environment. I ended up doing less analysis and configuration help and more tooling and coordinating. Determining the scope of the effort was a big part of my duties, and proved quite difficult, with content that is fluid between business units and organizations.

I also worked on developing InfoPath forms with custom code, and converting ActiveX controls written in VB6 to C# with new functionality.

My Main Benefits to the Company

  • Led a team for migrating content expeditiously. This project allowed the company to drop licenses for an older software version, saving thousands of dollars per year.
  • Upgraded a control to PI SDK, allowing for active directory integration, removing the need for extra PI servers being used as security layers.

Software Co-Op, RoviSys

juin 2010 - décembre 2010

When I started at Rovisys, as a Co-Op, I had never touched Windows, in a development sense, and had no experience with web or GUI development whatsoever. On my first day I was placed on a project to develop a custom software solution for a customer, which would entail a console application and a WPF application. I worked extensively with the other software developers at the company to learn the languages, tools, technologies, and practices of software development.

In my (too short) time at Rovisys as a Co-Op I became exposed to and experienced in many aspects of software development, project management, customer relations, team and customer communication, and business. The lessons I learned are invaluable to my continuing education in college, and my career to follow.


B.S. Computer Science, Ohio University - Russ College of Engineering

2008 - 2012

  • Graduated Magna Cum Laude, GPA 3.77
  • Deans List every quarter.
  • ACT score 32
  • Full Tuition Gateway Excellence Scholarship 4 years
  • Bioinformatics Scholarship (1 year)
  • Jeff and Janis Jones Scholarship for Computer Science
  • President of Hall Council
  • Member of local ACM Chapter
  • Co-op for 4 consecutive quarters, at 2 companies

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Open Source


GitHub, févr. 2013 - avr. 2013

A Windows store app client for Avocado

I am currently the sole developer and designer. I wanted to learn about Windows 8/RT development in my free time, so I used Avocado as the app idea, as they have a solid API and no windows/8/phone client. I've designed the app with MVVM patterns, following Windows 8/RT UI standards and producing solid code. It's still a work in progress.

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Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja

Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja

John Resig, Bear Bibeault


Compaq Presario

Sublime Text 2

Plus d'informations

While many students get into programming in high school or earlier, I started programming my second quarter in college. I was never exposed to programming before, and had at most done some HTML and some programs on a TI-83. This may show a lack of experience, or it may show an eye-opening to a field which I love and am determined to learn about and experience as much as I can.