Diego Sevilla Ruiz

Teaching Staff à University of Murcia
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Teaching Staff | University of Murcia

1998 – Actuel


PhD, Computer Science | University of Murcia

2003 – 2008

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GitHub, déc. 2011 - sept. 2013; suivi par 2 personnes

Code for generating Functional Mind Blog http://neuromancer.inf.um.es/fm

Google Code, ; suivi par 5 personnes

C++ framework for automatic generation of testing tools for CORBA-based applications

Google Code, ; suivi par 10 personnes; forké 7 fois

Eclipse Modeling Framework for C++

Google Code, ; suivi par 4 personnes

OMG IDL for Eclipse Modeling Framework


This tool, designed using the OHT+ framework (http://www.um.es/catedraSAES/ohtplus), allows to encapsulate the knowledge of a usability expert into its business logic. It can easily check if a set of constraints (usability guidelines) are met.


This tool, designed using the OHT+ framework (http://www.um.es/catedraSAES/ohtplus), can record user impressions and comments for further analysis related to the GUI interaction or the actions requested by the usability expert.


This tool, designed with the OHT+ framework (http://www.um.es/catedraSAES/ohtplus), can capture the user interaction (i.e. mouse clicks and key press) and abstract it. Results are presented using abstract maps (i.e. path maps and heat maps)

This framework represent the basis for future Testing and Usability Evaluation Tools. This framework, through the use of run-time User Interface (UI) introspection, allows the extraction of UI properties and user behaviour patterns.

This framework can be used as a basis for future Usability Measurement Tools. It allows implementing automatic usability algorithms through the use of run-time UI introspection, allowing the extraction of widget properties and user behavior patterns.


When writting portable C++ CORBA code one finds that each ORB vendor has its own set of libraries, include files, caracteristics, etc. This project's goal is both: 1. to provide a set of autoconf/automake/libtool macros to support as many ORBs (C & C++)

GitHub, nov. 2012

Convert EMF XMI models and metamodels to JSON. Also, offer them through a REST interface (read-only for now)

GitHub, mai 2013 - sept. 2013; suivi par 4 personnes

Micro Forth (uForth), a model-based implementation of a Forth-like language interpreter in Java and Erlang

GitHub, juil. 2013 - nov. 2013

Transform Ecore classes (from an Ecore metamodel) to Racket classes.

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