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Embrace your data, come push the limits
  • 51-200 employés
  • VC Funded
  • Fondée 2011

Our focus

At Vena our mission is to help smart companies better manage their data, spreadsheets and files in the cloud.  To summarize, our product has three main components: 

  1. A pure JavaScript front-end that allows a company to build out beautiful visio-like flow charts showing how data and files flow throughout the company.  We call one of these flowcharts a process.
  2. We treat spreadsheets as the window to your data.  Using a small but powerful C# .NET Excel add-in we transform Excel into a tool for good.
  3. On the server-side we manage not only the execution of the process but also all the data.  To do this we've built our own in-house Cube that quickly aggregates data on the fly.  Technically speaking this is called an OLAP In-memory Cube.

These three components combined provide a one-stop-shop for companies looking to get control over their data and files.

Our bleeding edge stack

Front-End Development

  • Backbone.js (
  • Bootstrap (
  • Handlebars (
  • Require.js (
  • Modernizr (
  • Underscore.js (
  • Lo-Dash (

Server-Side Development

  • Jetty (
  • Google Guice (
  • Google Guava (
  • Jersey (
  • Jackson (
  • Dropwizard (
  • Mongo (

VSTO Office Development

  • C# .NET VSTO
  • Excel Interop/VBA
  • LINQ
  • Lambda Functions
  • JSON-based Web Services
  • Parallelization

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1243 Islington Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M8X 1Y9