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What's it Like?

Working at Train Heroic is sort of like being a part of the New England Patriots. You work relentlessly, outsmart your opponents, win often, and are coincidentally surrounded by really, ridiculously, good looking people. We’re a start-up culture in the truest sense of the words. We take our work far more seriously than we take ourselves. It’s fun, it’s challenging, it’s original, and it’s groundbreaking.

We’re constantly pushing the bounds of what we thought was once possible. We lean on each other as a team, and we come to work each day knowing that what we do greatly improves the lives of those we serve.

As the start-up cliche goes, at Train Heroic, no one day is the same. That said, what you can count on everyday at TH is that there will be ACTION and there will be BIG, HAIRY problems to tackle. We’re on the forefront of a new industry, and having been at it for a while, we know what works and what doesn’t. The kinks have been ironed out and we’re hitting our stride at just the right time. We dogfood what we sell, so all TH team members are granted ample space to develop themselves personally, physically, professionally, spiritually, and otherwise.

  • Want to set up a __(Insert Bucket List Desire 1)_?
  • Ever wanted to__(Insert Bucket List Desire 2)_?
  • Have an idea for a__(Insert Bucket List Desire 3)_?

Awesome, we’ll support ya and make it happen.

But to be sure, we’re a start-up, and there are some things we don’t have...

Things We Don't Have at Train Heroic:

  • Highly impenetrable and tortuous layers of bureaucracy and bullshit
  • A giant cafeteria with pseudo-inspirational quotes that try to confuse you into thinking you should stay at the office all day long and don't need to go anywhere else during your 16 waking hours
  • Lots of meetings. Meetings that last long and make you consider the reason of your existence
  • An all-in-one facility with an on-site psychologist, massage therapist, and yogi to tame your out-of-control, work related stress levels
  • So many people and bodies in our organizational chart that you won't need to leave the office to meet new people or make new friends
  • A benefits package full of a bunch of confusing, but seemingly important acronyms, numerals, and "retirement options"
  • VC funding that suffocates vision and destroys equity ownership
  • Bags of douche

What We do Have:

  • Great people who care deeply about your well being and the well being of others
  • One-of-a-kind vision and experience in the industry and connections that count
  • A MISSION that matters
  • First-hand access to the latest and greatest in health, performance, nutrition, and life improvement...the tools to make you into a better, happier, and more fulfilled version of yourself than you ever thought possible
  • Private investors that actively support us and provide the capital necessary for steady growth and rock solid business strategy
  • A board of advisors with inter-industry experience and success that helps us navigate the treacherous start-up waters, shape strategy, and connect to important networks

If those lists seem parallel to your interests, reach out. Stop waiting around. Let's make a dent in this problem and a difference in this ol' world.

Let's be Heroic.

What's it Like?

Train Heroic is different.

On the surface, you might see fitness. On the exterior, maybe some hints of athletics. Maybe...maybe just an app.

But deep down, we’re not like them. Our focus is on delivering EXPERIENCES; experiences that end in results to athletes. Results that count.

Our vision is build a brand that completely revolutionizes the way people behave in the gym, view their bodies, and relate to their physical health and the community around them.

Our goal is to make the world sing.

You see, at Train Heroic, we believe technology should be used to connect, to inspire, and to improve--to make us more human. Yet, in this funny little world we live in today, it far too often tends to pull us estrange us from those we love and the real life experiences we, as people, fundamentally need to have in order be happy. Too often, we end up staring at our phones instead of staring at our friends; following others rather than being with others, and simulating our dreams rather than living them.

We want to change all that. And we think YOU can help.

In the commoditized “appconomy” in which we live, we realize that you need to do far more than track, recommend, or gamify workouts to do well and make meaning in this space. We’ve been around and in this game long enough to know what people need and want versus what they’ll temporarily find novel or interesting. We need to build products and services for people that allow them to have experiences that make them feel very real and very raw human emotions.

It turns out that the chemical, neuroendocrine response that our bodies yield when going through intense exercise closely mirrors and resembles the response one experiences while on drugs.

That experience tends to be addicting.

It's also a really freaking valuable business to be in.

Thus, subtly improving existing current exercise practices is not enough. Most of those experiences suck. So incremental improvement is not an option. We need to change the game. We need to give more and do more.

The beautiful challenge for our engineers is to develop tech that is so smooth, integrated, immersive, and effortless that it fits into the most non-tech environments out there--seamlessly and naturally.

We need to preserve the wonderfully primordial efficacy of intense, REAL exercise, REAL movement, and REAL training rather than stagnate and interrupt the process by adding a layer of tech for the simple sake of adding a layer of tech and putting another icon in the app store to occupy space. If you're interested in learning more about who we are and what we're up to just give us a call...we'd like to hear your voice.

Our Tech Stack

We use PHP with MySQL database, Javascript and HTML5 to make things happen. We are not married to this stack. You want to use a different hammer to figure out solutions, YOU MAKE THE CALL. Our immediate goal is to extend our current solution into a kick-ass iOS native app. The rest YOU will help us define along the way

Nous offrons d'excellents avantages sociaux.

Health Insurance

Free Gym Membership and Personal Training

Organic and Delicious Lunches

Creative Product Control and Direction

Unlimited Vacation Days

Competitive Salary and Equity

Flexible Schedule and Work-from-Home Options

Paid Cell Phone

One Monthly Massage (not by us...but from us)

Real Life Impact and Results you See

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