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Performance Feedback. Simple and intuitive.
  • 11-50 employés
  • Private
  • Fondée 2011

Small, but global

We're a tiny company. We're 5 people in Berlin, and 4 scattered across the US, Canada and Australia. But we're efficient, and we love to create truly intuitive software.

That's why companies such as Atlassian, Quiksilver, Pinterest, Modcloth and Opera love our product. It enables their employees to collect feedback from coworkers, to prepare for performance reviews, and to manage their goals an objectives.


High quality, high speed

We don't like answering support tickets. That's why quality is so important to us. We set out to create the best tool in our industry, and fixing bugs and usability issues early on is one key ingredient.

Also, we are challenging quite big players in the industry. We're competing with products owned by SAP and SalesForce, so we cannot afford to move slowly. Everything we do is optimized for efficiency, and we're quite pragmatic too. Decisions are made quickly, code is refactored if the initial version didn't work out, and we iterate rapidly, deploying to production dozens of times per week.

At the same time, we're quite relaxed. We recently moved to a cozy office with plenty of space to hang out, there's frequently chillout music on the Airplay, and we love our restaurant breaks and home-made lattes.


Technology selection

We like to keep up to date, so we're transitioning our Apache Wicket application to REST+AngularJS now, mainly using Jersey and Jackson. We love clean code and write tons of tests, but we're pragmatic as well. Not every little piece of code needs a unit test.

Nous offrons d'excellents avantages sociaux.

28 days paid vacation

Choose your own tools

amazing restaurant nearby

Surprisingly good IKEA chairs :)

No overtime. Work when you like.

3 major train lines nearby

Work from home every now and then

Unpaid vacation possible


Exerzierstrasse 24, Berlin, Germany