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Solving real problems with big data

Gridium provides energy data analytics to large buildings. We manage over 100 million square feet of commercial real estate - and that number is growing fast. Our customers use our products to manage demand, improve operations, detect faults, save energy, and lower costs.

This is a hard problem. We take in huge amounts of data every day, and then apply complex machine learning and statistical algorithms to zero in on the energy efficiency opportunities our customers care about.

It's also an important problem. Buildings use 40% of energy worldwide. There's simply no way we can solve our resource issues without figuring out how to manage buildings more efficiently.


Fusing analytics and design

Slowly, the world's energy infrastructure is being dragged into the 21st century. Tens of millions of smart meters have been deployed in the United States alone, delivering an unprecedented amount of data about our built environment. 

So far that data has been used for...not much. In its raw form and its too unwieldly and just too new to have made a big impact on people's behavior. But that's starting to change.

Gridium is turning data into insight via statistical and machine learning techniques that help pull the signal from the energy noise. We believe that an attention to design and delivering a great user experience are the keys to creating great products.

As a member of our small, highly focused team, you'll have total product ownership, working closely with product managers and designers to take concepts from vision to launch.

Big data, big technical challenges

One of our major technical challenges is scaling horizontally so that we can profitably deliver services at a low price point. The number of buildings on our platform will grow by several orders of magnitude in 2013 (this isn't idle boasting -- the numbers are baked into our current partnerships), and we need to be ready for the volume. Our tech stack is all built on top of Linux hosted on Amazon. 

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