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We hire the best, give them what they need to deliver, and get out of the way.
  • 11-50 employés
  • Private
  • Fondée 2008

About feature[23]

feature[23] specializes in delivering the business of software engineering. We are catalysts in bringing emerging technologies into focus, aligning software projects with business goals, and being good stewards of our client’s money. Fixated on advancing the state of software engineering, we are true engineers that understand not only software, but the value it delivers to business when done correctly.

Our company is built on a philosophy based on software engineering and everything that advances the field. We are centered on continually examining, improving, validating and measuring answers to key questions, to advance the state of software engineering as a craft and profession. Our fixation on continuous improvement has had a huge impact on helping our technology-dependent partners meet their business objectives. To do so, we hire the best and meticulously cultivate our engineering state of the art.

We are a growing custom software consultancy, employ 12 people, and have been recognized for being some of the top technology innovators and influencers in the state of Florida.

Why join us?

feature[23] is extremely proud to be recognized by the Jacksonville Business Journal as one of the Top 50 Best Places to Work in Northeast Floria this year.

feature[23] starts with the engineer.
Our culture is a fun, informal and challenging atmosphere that is steeped in research and knowledge. We’re not looking to create twenty-five “senior developers". We’re building better engineers, one individual at a time. We hire the best, give them what they need to deliver, and get out of the way.

We maintain our high quality and focus on continuous professional development through our culture:

Professional application via prototypes and client projects.

Knowledge gained through research, experiments, inventions, open source contributions, etc.

Collaboration with top talent; with an emphasis on challenges, trust, and family. 

Individual’s unique problem-solving approach based on background and experience, personal brand, skills, and strengths.

We're always looking for talented people to join our team. Check out our available opportunities or create your own.


feature[23] is a passionate team that primarily works with the Microsoft web stack. However, as professionals and engineers it’s important to consider the frameworks that will be in the best interest of the client and the application/software. We usually choose technologies on the .Net stack because we understand their strengths and weaknesses better than any collective framework. We also integrally understand C#’s ability to scale and maintain, and quite frankly, it’s rare that an application has a need so specialized that the .Net platform is a bad choice. We pride ourselves on being technology agnostic where our overarching tack and method of operating on projects/solving problems is to use the technologies that make sense where they make sense.


Nous offrons d'excellents avantages sociaux.

free beverages and great coffee (beer is allowed in the fridge)

work time is flexible

downtown St Augustine, Florida

working afternoons at the bar or cigar room

focus on being a learning organization

health and dental plans

easy vacation policy with PTO

work with top tech people

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88 Riberia Street, Suite 300
Saint Augustine, FL 32084