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  • 1-10 employés
  • Private
  • Fondée 2012

Amazing Team - Looking For Amazing Tech Talent

CareBooker has an amazing team - a founder of, a founding shareholder from Expedia, former VP of Global Communications at IAC/Head of PR of, a Venture Capitalist, and CEO who first became a CEO at age 19. 

Angel Backed & Growing

CareBooker has recently closed a round of funding and will be expanding its team on the tech and operations side.

CareBooker Programming Stats

- Web Software Architect with advanced Python skills and experience with Flask and SQLAlchemy.
(if their professional experience is with Django and they have used SQLAlchemy in the past and meet other criteria then they should still apply, as long as they're willing to ramp up to new stuff)
- Databases: MySQL (for site backend), Neo4j (for relevancy graph), Redis (for task management with Celery)
- Programming Languages: Python, Java
- Clientside:Javascript, HTML, CSS
- Third-party RESTful APIs: Balanced Payments, AWS S3
- Systems: Nginx, Gunicorn

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Stamford, CT
New York, NY