Make Sense of Data. Data Analysis - Machine Learning - Data Visualization
taille :11-50
statut :VC Funded
création :2013

Conquer New Frontiers Together

We are at the forefront of data analysis, machine learning and data visualization in China.

Backed by our parent company and VCs, Caigen100 set out to solve complex business problems with advanced mathematical models and cutting edge technology.

In-depth analysis and insightful visualization serve as the necessary fondation to foster breakthrough business thinking.

We are pushing the boundaries in our mission to integrate unbeatable analytics with irresplacable domain knowledge to solve multifaceted problems.

Right Team, Right Place, Right Time

Leveraging our parent company's 25 years of industry leading experience, we have identified specific links in the business value chain that can most benefit from the integration of data, advanced analytics and domain knowlege.

We are focusing beyond marketing analytics into other important areas of clients' operational needs.

The combination of our smart and creative developer team, Meikao's insights and industry position and the incredible trajectory of the Chinese consumer and health sectors allows us to confidently set our sights on becoming the leading analytics company in China.

Our Technologies

We develop data-intensive applications using innovative technologies.

We employ Node.js, coupled with MongoDB and Redis to drive our data collecting and crawling processes.

We use Python to perform ETL, natural language processing and complex data analysis on large amounts of data.

Our frontend is developed using the newest proven web technologies, such as AngularJS, web sockets, jQuery and D3.js.

We use various deployment and integration tools on top of AWS to ensure our application is scalable and highly available.

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391 Guiping Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai, China