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Urban Storage Valet
  • 1-10 employés
  • VC Funded
  • Trouvés 2012

What is Boxbee?

Boxbee is a startup, and its also a real, revenue generating business. We help people manage their stuff and live happier urban lives. As our lead, and sole, engineer, you’ll have an influence over a product used by our rapidly growing customer base every day.

Half the world live in urban environments, where technology is increasingly applied to solve the problems that come with this way of life. Boxbee was the first to apply technology to the old-school industry of storage. Space in cramped urban apartments are no longer the limit on how much stuff you can keep, and have access to. Businesses use Boxbee, giving them space in their store or highrise office, without losing access to their stuff.

Technology at Boxbee

This is a truly full stack company: we work on a front end, creating an interface that tells a story and helps users feel in control of their stuff. We're designing a new user experience - extending peoples’ closets beyond their homes. On the back end, we have an API that talks to the Rails app, our internal mobile app, GPS tags and barcode scanners. We think about on path finding algorithms for our drivers and help us automate our logistics systems. Our backend manages a fleet of vans and their drivers, the trajectories of thousands of boxes and our customer bookings and payments. 

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72 Allen Street, New York, 10003, NY
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San Francisco, CA 94107