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Bixby Apps

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  • 1-10 employés
  • Private
  • Fondée 2010

About Bixby Apps

Bixby Apps is a mobile development firm providing iOS, Android, and Windows Phone app development services to large brands, small businesses and agencies worldwide. Bixby Apps has built apps for major brands like BMW, Lenovo, & The Nielsen Company. We pride ourselves on our quality-first approach to development and design.

Team and Culture

The company was founded by developers and operates internally with the best practices for developers. We designed the company so developers can do what they do best, develop. Before each project begins, each developer is given complete endpoint documentation, authentication accounts, sample endpoint responses, schemas, design assets, a representative from the client's technical team, and SCRUM review meeting schedule. We work in a small team to make the best possible products. Developers are encouraged to work on personal projects and create Open-Source libraries for the community. We also organize San Francisco's largest iOS Meetup.

Workflow and Process

Daily standup meetings - review goals, bugs, and up-to-date schedule. Team collaborates using git on Github. Daily one-step builds. Bug tracking using Github Issues. Fix current issues before adding new features. Clearly defined project specs and architectures, before each project begins. Quiet working area with no micro-managers or interruptions.

Nous offrons d'excellents avantages sociaux.

Customer/Employee Referral Commission Program

Federal Holidays and Vacation Days

Unlimited Sick Days

Fully Stocked Snacks and Drinks

Great Monitors & Keyboards

Work From Home


703 Market Street, San Francisco, CA 94103