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12 pages entreprise pour "opencl"


Assemble your panoramic videos

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Bossa Nova

Big Data, Robotics

Building robots that live and work around people

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Bioinformatics, Biotechnology

Building Better Biologics

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Intel Corporation

Royaume-Uni; Irlande; Roumanie

Software Development, Semiconductors

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Paris; Louvain

Aviation, Defense, Maritime

Software for Geospatial Situational Awareness

Marriott Sinclair

Banking, Finance, Insurance

Providing consulting services and high-performance software to the insurance and banking industries

Side Effects Software

Computer Graphics, Software Development, Web Development

Creating high-end 3D animation and visual effects software for feature film and game artists.


Computer Vision, Embedded, Hardware

Visual Sensing for the Internet of Things



A technology company that strives to give millions of men and women access to vital heath data.


Beyond dots on a map.