Brian Kelly

Principal Product Marketing Manager
Duo Security
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I’m a Product Manager focused on enterprise start-ups. After several years in IT security consulting, I decided I'd rather be building and selling useful software. Over the past seven years I've been a product and engineering manager for security software companies helping build usable authentication and digital identity products.

After graduating from college with a B.S. in Computer Science I decided to lean on my soft skills and join a technology consulting firm in the DC area. After a few starter projects, I landed some interesting work in the Identity and Access Management (IdM) field of computer security.

I helped a large government agency stand-up their biometric enrollment and smart card issuance system, then I shared this experience with other agencies considering similar IdM programs. I continued to sharpen my technical experience by developing a smart card reference implementation application for the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

I enjoyed creating useful security products, which led me to a software start-up in Fort Wanye, Indiana called TrustBearer Labs. In 2006, TrustBearer was in its infancy, and being employee #3 I was able to get involved with every part of the business. From business plan development to marketing to recruiting to product management - There was certainly no lack of opportunity.

In early 2009, I moved back to DC to be closer to our existing customers and to help grow the business. In late 2009 my role shifted to sales, market research, customer-facing support, and business partnership management.

TrustBearer Labs was acquired by VeriSign in April 2010. I continued my product management role in their User Authentication group where I was responsible for integrating TrustBearer client technology into various VeriSign products.

In August 2010 (the year of security company acquisitions) Symantec Corporation purchased VeriSign's Identity and Authentication Security Business. My role as an User Authentication PM has continued at Symantec.

In 2011 my role evolved into a business development / product manager hybrid. I'm helping internal and external products and companies easily use our digital certificate platform.

In August 2011 I joined OneID Inc., a new digital identity software start-up founded by Steve Kirsch and committed to eliminating passwords from the web. I worked directly with Steve Kirsch, CEO, and the founding team to define and execute OneID's initial product features and go-to-market strategy.

I left OneID in late January to pursue new ventures and a personal move back to the midwest.

In February 2012 I joined Duo Security to lead the Product team. Duo runs the leading Two-Factor Authentication as-a-Service platform used by over a thousand organizations around the world.


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Principal Product Marketing Manager
Duo Security

février 2012 – Actuel

In February 2012 I joined Duo Security to lead Product Management and Strategy for their strong authentication suite of software and services. It's time to scale.

Senior Product Marketing Manager
OneID Inc.

août 2011 – janvier 2012

I worked directly with Steve Kirsch, CEO, and the founding team to define and execute OneID's initial product features and go-to-market strategy.

OneID is an independent, decentralized, end-to-end secure, authentication and information sharing platform.

Product Manager, User Authentication
Symantec Corporation

août 2010 – juillet 2011

After Symantec acquired VeriSign's security business I came on board as a Product Manager responsible for former VeriSign User Authentication products. My day to day responsibilities initially included much of the same PM and technology integration tasks as when I was with VeriSign: Make the client, user-facing parts of our digital certificate platform simple to use.

Later in 2010 I managed the enterprise directory and API integration components of Symantec's Managed PKI platform. I also helped the User Authentication team prototype new product concepts. I represented the company in industry groups such as the Internet Identity Workshop & the US Government's National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace, led technology partnerships with complimentary product and services companies, and trained our sales account managers and sales engineers.

In 2011 I helped technology partners integrate with our managed PKI platform using advanced certificate management interfaces including Web Services and SCEP. From a product perspective I managed the Symantec Web Services API and advanced digital certificate management interfaces. I also wore a business development hat by identifying and supporting complimentary products and companies in verticals including digital signing, mobile device management, and smart grid.

Product Manager, Authentication Services
VeriSign, Inc.

avril 2010 – août 2010

VeriSign, Inc. acquired substantially all assets of TrustBearer Labs on April 1, 2010. All former employees, including myself, transferred as full-time employees to VeriSign. I was a Product Manager for the Authentication Services business unit within VeriSign, and I was responsible for several former-TrustBearer products and services.

As a PM, I was responsible for defining product requirements, making sure that they met customers' needs, and that the product was delivered on schedule. My customer base was primarily the public sector (mostly US Federal Government). I met with new and existing customers to make sure that our product features were meeting their needs.

Some of my other responsibilities included contributing to the following areas.

  • Product Demos
  • Sales Engineering
  • Product Marketing
  • Business Development & Strategic Partnerships
  • Work with professional services to customize our products for customers

VP Government Solutions
TrustBearer Labs, LLC

2006 – avril 2010

In 2006, I moved from DC to Fort Wayne, Indiana to help launch this software security company with David Corcoran, President and Founder. My initial role in the company was to manage the growing engineering team and take the flagship web product, TrustBearer Access, from proof of concept to production. I also assisted with business plan development, raising capital for the company, creating and implementing a marketing strategy for the products, recruiting developers, managing client projects, managing product roadmaps, and contributing to the blog.

In 2009, I moved back to DC to help grow the business and support existing clients. My role shifted to managing partnerships with companies such as VeriSign, helping build new business through sales meetings, industry groups, and writing RFI and RFP responses. I also helped recruit new employees for full-time sales and local project management positions. I continued to manage staff in Fort Wayne and the development of our patient smart card product, EXTENSION HealthID, from the DC office.

Booz Allen Hamilton

2004 – 2006

After completing my Computer Science degree, I provided identity and access management IT consulting to several U.S. Federal and local government agencies including Department of Homeland Security (DHS), National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), and Health and Human Services.

I helped implement and manage the integration of biometric capture and smart card issuance software for DHS in support of Homeland Security Presidential Directive-12 (HSPD-12). I conducted a Physical Access Control System vendor analysis for USDA and developed PIV smart card reference implementation software for NIST.

Software Developer
Baldwin Hardware Corporation


During a summer internship, I developed a business-to-business web application that enabled job order querying & updating of a brass manufacturing company’s IBM AS/400 systems and DB2 databases.

Software Developer, IT Specialist
Spotts, Stevens, and McCoy, Inc.

1997 – 2001

I worked in the Information Technology department over summers and throughout school years initially providing desktop and network administration for an engineering company of over 100 employees. Following IT support, I helped automate business functions by developing internal web applications including an employee out-of-office dashboard that was adopted as an essential tool throughout the company.

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B.S. Computer Science
Virginia Tech

I decided that I wanted to major in Computer Science early in high school. I chose Virginia Tech because of their CS program. It was extremely challenging. But, I learned how to learn and I am much better software product manager for both having learned how an operating system actually works and for being humbled by the engineers that create them. Virginia Tech is a large university and it taught me to be self-sufficient and to work with many different kinds of people.



2009 – 2011

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