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Systems Analyst à Chubb Services Corporation
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I have always enjoyed taking things apart to see how they work. Some of my earliest and most memorable experiences with technology include making the family computer talk or creating worlds in text-based games.

Seeing code for the first time felt like opening a toy to see the gears and circuits inside. That sense of curiosity and exploration carried into my professional life. It served me well as my career evolved from Java developer to C++ tutor and beyond.

I have a passion for learning, and I enjoy using creativity and analytical thinking to solve problems. To me, that is what thinking like a programmer is all about.



Systems Analyst | Chubb Services Corporation

2001 – Actuel

  • Led the design and implementation of a data extract process in support of a core business unit transition effort. Successfully extracted and delivered data for more than 250,000 claim records with over 200 gigabytes of related content from multiple sources.
  • Developed a single sign-on module for the company's core application, a vendor-developed web-based claim system.
  • Designed and implemented a set of browser automation modules, allowing system data fixes to be automated without circumventing front-end validation measures.
  • Authored a Powershell module that simplifies common IT management/administrative functions, exposing them to a larger portion of the team.
  • Built a system that automates the backup, deployment and rollback process for application and database updates.
  • Established a set of internal best practices for Business Objects report development and universe design.

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M.S. Information Systems (Information Security) | Stevens Insitute of Technology

2005 – 2008

  • Earned the MSIS program's Outstanding Academic Achievement award for 2008.
  • Graduated with a 4.0 cumulative GPA.

B.S. Biomedical Computing | Rochester Institute of Technology

1998 – 2001

  • Completed a four year degree program in three years of study.
  • Provided individual tutoring services for computer science students.

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GitHub, nov. 2015 - Actuel; suivi par 2 personnes

Run a headless CrashPlan instance on a Synology device with Docker

GitHub, févr. 2015

Data visualization for League of Legends match statistics.

Creator and sole developer.

GitHub, déc. 2013; suivi par 2 personnes

Construct a Kickstarter web of interest based on your backed projects

I created this project as a proof of concept after noticing that the projects I backed on Kickstarter tended to reference very interesting related projects in their updates. As the number of projects I followed (and the updates they posted) grew, it became easy to lose track of them.

I stumbled across an excellent post on Mark Olson's blog that explored the Kickstarter API, and I realized that though the API was undocumented it seemed to provide all the information I would need to crawl through updates and identify related project links.

I had never done any real work in Ruby, but it made sense to leverage Mark Olson's gem for this project. It also gave me the opportunity to learn something new.

GitHub, déc. 2013 - avr. 2014

API library for Kickstarter.com

When I started my kickspider project, I was inspired by this Ruby gem. However, I noticed that the gem did not provide complete support for Kickstarter project updates. I added that functionality, and continued to contribute in other areas afterward.


GitHub, mars 2014

<hr /> for your terminal

I came across the bash version of this utility and thought it was a nifty little tool. I wrote a Powershell implementation for more convenient use on Windows systems.

GitHub, juin 2013 - oct. 2014

A bunch of links to blog posts, articles, videos, etc for learning AngularJS

Gratefully consumed the links in this project, and contributed a few that I discovered through other channels.

GitHub, juin 2013

Transcripts in markdown of episodes of the This Developer's Life Podcast

Transcribed episode 1.1.1 - Scars.

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Applications et logiciels

Provide interactive visualizations of match data for the online game League of Legends.

This is a hobby project of mine - I created it and am the sole developer.

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AngularJS Web application development Blueprints

Packt Publishing approached me with the opportunity to be a technical reviewer for this book based on my contributions to Jeff Cunningham's "AngularJS-Learning" repository on GitHub. I had been tinkering with AngularJS in my personal time, and was excited to help put the finishing touches on this book.

Articles et blogs

Powershell Prompt Tweaks - Display type info for the last command's output

GitHub Gists

Describes a way to automatically display information about an object's type when using console output in Powershell.

Powershell - Keep a Consistent PortableGit Path When Using GitHub for Windows

GitHub Gists

Provides a snippet of Powershell code which maintains a PortableGit symbolic link. Anytime there is a new PortableGit available in the user's GitHub directory, the symbolic link will be updated to point to the latest path. I wrote this snippet when I noticed that updates to GitHub for Windows caused delays or errors with some of my Git-related Sublime Text plugins.

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Pro Git (Expert's Voice in Software Development)

Pro Git

Scott Chacon

Git was an intriguing tool to me, but it initially seemed unnecessarily complicated compared to Mercurial. After reading this book, I had a much better handle on how to think like a Git user and get a sensible workflow in place.

Programming WCF Services

I read this book in preparation for a project which required interaction with WCF services. I had limited experience with web services at the time, and no access to the source code for the third-party application that supplied the services. This book helped me understand how WCF services work, how they grew out of the older style ASMX services and (most importantly) how I could achieve what I wanted.

web2py (3rd Edition)


Massimo Di Pierro

I am primarily exposed to Microsoft technologies at work, so reading this book gave me some valuable insight into a popular alternative to Microsoft's web frameworks. I was impressed by Massimo Di Pierro's efforts to create a framework that was useful for both educational and production applications. His book and website explain the details of web2py, but just as importantly they highlight the motivations and inspirations behind design decisions. Since web2py was largely inspired by Rails and Django, I accidentally learned a bit about those frameworks as well!

Developing Backbone.js Applications

This book showed me that there are a lot of wildly different (and perfectly valid!) ways to structure a Backbone application. Though the book certainly got me more interested in Backbone personally, it also highlighted that Backbone was not the best fit for my organization.

Articles et blogs

Prompts and Directories - Even Better Git (and Mercurial) with PowerShell - Scott Hanselman

Scott Hanselman's Blog

Scott Hanselman shares some thoughts on making Git and Mercurial more useful from within Powershell. Posh-git and the GitGutter plugin for Sublime Text are a beautiful combination!

How to Break Into Security — Krebs on Security

Brian Krebs interviews various security experts to get their views on how younger/newer professionals can break into the field.

Coding Horror: How to Talk to Human Beings

A good non-technical article that takes a step back from technology and discusses human communication.



I split time between Sublime Text and Vim, and love them both.

Plus d'informations

In my spare time, I like to fall down the rabbit hole of exploring new technologies. Most often the end result is just a few new ideas snatched from a long branching path of research and fiddling around. That's just fine with me.

I am one of the inaugural members of the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) in my town. We lend a hand during events like fairs or charity runs, and are trained to assist first responders in case of emergencies such as floods or sustained power outages.

On the less geeky side of things - I love being silly with my wife and kids, watching hockey, romping through the woods on legs or wheels and attempting to play basketball.