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Fabrizio Calderan

Quinto di Treviso, Veneto, Italy

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Currently Lead developer at Mosaiqy plugin, and Content specialist on Frontend Development at H-art, and Frontend Engineer/Web Developer at H-art.

I've got strong expertise in frontend web development, but I'm also able to design a full-working server side application. In short I'm a full-stack coder able to think at every abstraction layer.

Client Side skills:

HTML5 (★) / XHTML 1.0 Strict / Javascript and CSS2.1/CSS3 crossbrowser approach (mobile included). As a web performance engineer I know frontend performance optimizations and analisys (best practices).

About Javascript I have a deep experience, knowledge and true passion of unobtrusive and streamlined code using modern patterns (DRY, Flyweight, Module), Ajax interactions, interface responsiveness, DOM manipulation, performance optimization and best practices. In my projects I often write straight jQuery plugins/apps for better code manteinance and teamwork.

Since I deal with backend developers and system integrators almost all the time, I perfectly know the most frequent development issues.

Server Side skills:

I sometimes work with PHP 5 with MySQL databases and server side common techniques (security issues, url rewriting, compressed contents...), using version control tools (SVN intermediate, Git basic).

I do like Python/Django and Git: I'm learning, currently I spent all my time reading related articles and guides, so in my next future I really wish to go deep with them, in addition to the frontend coding.

My goals (in short)

  • Realizing strong projects involving CSS, JS and HTML5 and find good solutions;
  • Learning python and django on real projects
  • Learning and sharing knowledge day-by-day with other enthusiastic coders also covering the role of CKO (or CSO)
  • Attending (and holding) courses, talks and improving myself.


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Lead developer, Mosaiqy plugin

March 2011 - Current

Mosaiqy is an opensource project (hosted on github) for jQuery 1.6+ & HTML5 I started to develop on my own since March 2011. For feasibility study, prototype, refinements on main algorithm, coding, optimization and documentation I probably spent more than 200 hours of nightly work.

Version 1.0.0 was released on June, 29 - 2011. Version 1.0.1 was released on September, 8 - 2011. See the Official homepage.

Published also on: Coliss, DailyJS, Web Designer Depot, HTML5shelf.

Content specialist on Frontend Development, H-art

April 2010 - Current

As content specialist I am a person in charge for the base-knowledge of my company about specific technologies (frontend development). My goal is to spread this knowledge through internal meetings, talks and experience sharing, about projects in which I'm currently working on, to realize an improved-quality standard.

Some of my talks are available on slideshare

Frontend Engineer/Web Developer, H-art

July 2005 - Current

Creation of clean strict XHTML 1.0/HTML5, CSS and Javascript templates. I sometimes realize also the full-working website from scratch, even using Zend Framework, always with accessibility and performance as a primary goal).

» Some customers I've developed for: Moleskine, Replay, (new site), Nike, Ikea, Telecom Italia (100+ templates), Illy (COM site, USA site, E-shop, others: 400+ templates), Diesel (javascript collection galleries, navigational menu).

Besides, I'm one of the first-aid operators of my company. Like a red cross nurse, I take care of my colleagues. =)

Football Referee, FIGC-AIA

March 1997 - March 2011

This is not properly a job, (I did it only to spread a correct sense of fair play amongs younger players) but it requires some useful qualities like

  • continuous effort and focus;
  • reliability and stress control;
  • taking decisions in a short time.


June 2008 - May 2009

Technical writer for online articles about CSS and Javascript. Here a full list of italian articles and publications.

Web developer, OOT

July 2004 - June 2005

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Laurea magistrale / Master of Science in Information Technology, Università Ca' Foscari di Venezia

1998 - 2004

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Open Source


GitHub, Feb 2011 - Jul 2013; followed by 108 people; forked 16 times

Mosaiqy it's a jQuery plugin to organize and show image thumbnails and zoom, easy to integrate also with Flickr, Instagram, Panoramio and other. Check carefully the homepage project and source code for full detail, licensing, legal notices and copyright

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