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I'm enthusiast. I'm Free. I have a wife. And two sons. I use Linux. Work with Linux. Sometimes with Windows. My editor is VI. I like LaTeX. Work with Projects. I'm a Security freak. Love books. Seen a lot of movies. Have music in my life. Love Drum'n'Bass. Listen to Opera. And also Metal. Like dogs. And cats. Have lots of allergies. I am ADHD. I use T-Shirts and knickers. I am learning to like Tie and Custom. I try to do everything right. Albeit I'm all Wrong.


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March 2010 – Current

Developing IT Infrastructure and Information Security projects; Helping organizations to achieve higher standards with their IT assets.

It is my mission, as owner of my own business, help my customers to explore all the potential their IT may achieve. Development of intelligent solutions isn't just part of the job, but the job itself.

As I work with different products, my clients may choose what kind (and price) they are willing to work with. Open Source/Free or Proprietary solutions and software, it's all up to the client, I don't have technology limitations.

Senior Network Analist

April 2008 – October 2009

Maintain, manage and improve clients network assets and servers. Develop solutions to achieve better network and server performance.

While working at Unitera, I worked as account manager for Samarco Mineração S/A, and were responsible for a team of 45 workers, going from cabling assistants to senior network analysts. Worked as account manager for 2 and a half years, dealing with client requests and expectations. Doing change management and being responsible for the network security of the client.

IT Consultant
BCA Boaventura & Consultores Associados

February 2003 – May 2008

Technology Consulting, product and solutions development, support, system administration, network administration, server and network security.

In one particular project, at LBH Brazil (former Brazshipping Maritma) where I got several problems, such as mail server running into exhaustion and losing messages, all servers running with internet IP and without any kind of firewall protection, among other situations and got the "house cleaned" to the point where IT had time to develop solutions and deliver innovations.

There were eighteen branch offices, they were interconnected through a MPLS network and had several performance issues with this connection. The solution delivered was a distributed mail system, running on Postfix, similar to the solution presented by Microsoft Exchange 2007, where the mailbox location was transparent to the user.

Project Analyst
Lan Designers

September 2006 – December 2007

At Lan Designers I worked as a Senior Project Analyst, developing solutions as projects to fulfill the needs and expectations of our clients. The projects where elaborated according to PMI and developed as such.

I worked on a team of four and we got some big problems solved. Some of the problems we worked were: migration of a corporate level (2500+ desks) mail, authentication and firewall solution from Novell to Microsoft.

One project I worked as Project Leader was aimed to segregate the client network, keeping desktops, branch offices, servers, wireless and DMZ each on one physical network and keeping two levels of firewalls. Servers on the inner level, desktops and branch offices on the middle and DMZ, wireless and Internet treated as external networks. We used, for this project, two different technologies of firewall, IPTables (external) and ISA Server (internal + proxy).

Linux Consultant
Spirit Linux

2005 – 2006

Linux Consulting, product and solutions development, support, system administration, network administration, server security.

Worked on a couple of projects, installing and configuring linux servers, with http, ftp, ntp and mail servers. Developing solutions for each client, according to their demands and needs.

One of the projects developed at this company was to consolidate about ten machines, that where assembled, into two proper servers. Another point worth mentioning was the migration of the services, running previously on unlicensed software to linux/free solutions. Among those services were e-mail, fileserver, printserver and authentication.

System Analyst
Jupiter Development Systems

November 2003 – June 2004

Network, Infra-Structure and Security management. Worked basically with AIX and Linux servers, supporting Oracle development.

Worked on a Infrastructure team with six coworkers, we were responsible of maintaining Dev/QA/Production for a team of 35 oracle developers. The company were working for Angola Government, developing the financial and social security systems.

I was responsible for maintaining the AIX and Linux servers, co-op with the network guy, keeping routers and switches communicating and the desktops/notebooks in good shape. System updates, network security auditing and enforcement, server and service installation, configuration and maintenance were among my duties.

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B.S. Law [in progress]
Estácio de Sá


Studying law was an option to get new perspectives to my life. Although I'm loving the course, it isn't what I want as my way of life. I love being a System Administrator and I will get a new degree as soon as I finish this one.


Linux Professional Certified - LPIC-I

2005 – 2012

Linux Professional Certified - LPIC-II

2007 – 2012

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GitHub, Jan 2013 - Jan 2014

Functional and Usefull Shell Scripts made for various purposes

Those are some scripts made for make my life, as a system-administrator easier. Some scripts are just simple tasks automated, other are a just more complex solutions.

Using tools of trade, I'd made some strange needs possible. Such as setting an dynamic IP system, for easier and not expensive way of reaching my clients sites, all based on a computer with dynamic IP itself.


Linux Security check Script

This is a really old project, but it was a script made to check some configuration items of a linux server that could be improved, tightening the server security.

At the time I released the script I got involved in some really time consuming tasks, and when I finally got time again, the script was almost all useless. Since there was, at the time, better solutions than mine, I'd dropped the development.

Google Code

Frederico Boaventura's Gentoo Overlay

Made some of my own ebuilds, upgrading some applications or making possible to maintain some, not present on the official overlay, over a few machines.

This project is somewhat frozen, since I'm not using gentoo at the present moment.

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Crianças Seguras | The New Old Techie

How to setup Windows 8 Family Security for computers that kids use.

DNS Reverso no Windows Server 2008 com bloco “sem classe” | The New Old Techie

How to setup Windows Server 2008 DNS Server to use a classless net block.


The Book of Postfix: State-of-the-Art Message Transport

The Book of Postfix

State-of-the-Art Message Transport

Ralf Hildebrandt, Patrick Koetter

Understanding and Deploying LDAP Directory Services (2nd Edition)

Understanding and Deploying LDAP Directory Services

Timothy A. Howes Ph.D., Mark C. Smith, Gordon S. Good

AIX 5L Administration

AIX 5L Administration

Randal K. Michael

AIX for UNIX Professionals

AIX for UNIX Professionals

Bonnie L. Miller