Eugene Belov

Senior backend developer at Home24
  • Berlin, Germany
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The computers aren't perfect. They have only 0 and 1. Only black and white. Yet in the same time - such easiness is one of the greatest inventions of humanity. That is why programming can be not just hobby or business plan. It can be passion.

Take a look on your hand and move your fingers a bit. You can see how perfect is it's moving mechanism, how beautiful and effective is such simple thing. Now you know what I feel when I see good and easy algorithm that solves complex problem. That is an example of thing that I will always try to achieve - effective, easy and beautiful solutions.

But there are so much different work types that is too ineffective to do with our hands! Better to use modern methods instead! Yes. That is the reality - and I always will remember about perfect code & working code dilemma. And, while being aware of business needs I'll always try to create best code for certain situation.

Despite existence of auto-pilot all modern planes land with hand controlling. That's it. Programming is passion.


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Senior backend developer | Home24

October 2014 – Current

Full workflow and technical expertise for projects and applications.

Senior developer | Lumata Group

September 2010 – September 2014

  • Resolving full stack of technical problems. Assist developers and management with finding and solving wide range of issues, which includes technical process, work-flow and technical limitations.
  • Architect & development for many of the company's main projects. Responsibilities include architecture, development and maintenance for those projects.

    • Discount cashback program project
    • Blog system for government & public activities
    • Redeem coupon system for cinemas
  • Research and Development for new technologies and techniques for use in the company.

    • Migration to new version control system & development of deploying standards
    • Development & standardization of company's web-development cycle

Senior developer | Smart Capital

October 2009 – September 2010

  • Leading of technical side for company's projects. Taking part in architecture and implementetion of main functionality.

    • Augmented reality application for 3G smart phones
    • Setting up environment for PCI-DSS inside company
    • Planning & implementing company's internal staff control sysem
  • Despite single-project contract, there were responsibilities in adjanced projects, so full projects list contains more than one project.

Senior web-projects developer | C-Media

October 2008 – September 2009

  • Single project contract
  • Participating in each significant architecture planning of project. Implementing new features and maintaining existing infrastructure. Responsibilities include interaction with foreign teams and planning common activities.
  • Optimization of existing technical processes, including communication of company's technical department with business teams and standartization of development processes.

Web developer | SMS Traffic

May 2007 – September 2008

  • Development of company's internal web-projects. Assisting customers in technical issues with full stack of company's product-related questions.
  • Participation in architecture planning of company's SMS-gate & it's API. Implementing significant count of features for SMS-gate. Working with SMPP/HTTP/SMTP processing protocols for SMS.
  • Responsibilities for code review, junior's education for company's products e t.c. inside technical department.


B.S. Mathematics & Computer Science | Vologda S. U.

2002 – 2007

  • Becoming a full-day student at age of 14
  • Creating new, easy way of proof for Cayley's formula

Effective Management | Moscow International Business Academy

2012 – 2013

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GitHub, Jun 2014

Testing framework for stored routines in MySQL

Architecture design; core developer; documentation maintainer. Currently, the project is in pre-release phase, but already can be used for unit-testing for stored code in MySQL.

Project homepage

GitHub, Nov 2013 - Apr 2014; followed by 7 people

Benchmark is a very simple tool that allows to measure functions in PHP.

This project starts when I was in need for very simple tool to measure functions and blocks of code. I've implemented measurement tool as a single namespace that can be easily used in any PHP script.

GitHub, Jul 2013 - May 2014

Open-source math library that provides basic geometry and algebra features. Used language: PHP; minimal language version: 5.5

I've started to develop 'dimension' library when I've faced a problem with algebraic equations. Later I've decided to add some geometry 2D basic issues. To say short: I'm an architect, core developer and maintainer of this project.


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